Scottish Islands by motorhome

Scottish Islands by motorhome

by Scottish Tourer May 06, 2011

When looking to travel to the Scottish isles and islands, the main thing to keep in mind is don’t be put off by the ferries! In case you havn’t been on s ferry in a motorhome before, we can assure you that it's a doddle.

If you’re touring the west coast of Scotland by motorhome you must get out into the islands, as they are without doubt the highlight of this route.

We recommend getting a Scotland Island Rover ticket. It offers travellers unlimited island hopping for a fixed price. You can check these out further on the Calmac website.

They also do what are called Hopscotch tickets which join up several islands around scotland and can form the basis of an itinierary. Be aware that there are significant discounts on certain routes via a pilot sheme called Road Equivalent Tarriff. The effect of this is that it may be cheaper to book several individual tickets rather than a Hopscotch.

Rest assured that your motorhome hire from Scottish Tourer will fit on all ferries. 

3 Scottish Tourer Motorohomes parked at Applecross Bay


Where to go on a motorhome tour of the Scottish islands?

Oban is a great setting off point where you will find couple of good campsites to settle down for the night. 

From Oban you can easily cross over to Mull, Mull is lovely for semi-wild camping in your motorhome. Calgary beach near Dervaig is a fab area to safely wildcamp overnight.

Cross back to Mull from Oban but come back from Tobermory to Kilchoan. Then head inland till you meet the main road at Salen. From here head north to Lochalort and on to Mallaig from stunning views of Scotland's west coast and highlands. 

Scottish Tourer has spent time designing a number of interesting driving routes tailored for motorhomes, Please feel free to browse through them to creae your own itenary. 

Ferry to Skye

Skye is high up on most people's Scottish iteneray, and for good reason! Take time to have a mooch round Skye, especially the north part of the island.

Carry on the journey by taking the ferry from Uig to Tarbert on harris, Semi-wild camping at Horgabost (best beaches in the world….shhhh don’t tell everyone) and park your motorhome directly on the beach.Unbeatable scenes to wake up to!

Another popular route is to tour round Harris & Lewis.Afterwards you can come back to mainland scotland via Ullapool. Park your motorhome at Ullapool campsite overlooking the bay and head south along coast road to Applecross.

From Applecross inland over the cattle road (highest road in britian). Very do-able in a healthy van.

Fort William is also a great spot to visit. Superb campsite at Glen Nevis with all the facilities you could need.

Another good campsite towards the end of your jurney is at Balloch on Loch Lomond. You could easily get the train into Glasgow centre from here if this is something that interests you. Just remember to park your Scottish tourer motorhome safely when leaving it for the day. 

wildcamp in your motorhome on Skye

What to take for 10 days in a motorhome?

Packing everything you need for a 10 day tour around Scotland in a motorhome can be a daunting task. The most important essentials to remember are:

  • Bring rain coat, sunblock, snowshoes and midge repellant.
  • Bring deckchairs for the sun and Scrabble for the rain.
  • Be aware sometimes petrol stations can be few & far between (especially on a Sunday). Don’t go below 1/2 a tank.
  • Good luck. Don’t feed the haggusses !

If you are interested in hiring a motorhome to tour around Scotland in, please contact the Scottish Tourer team to get the motorhome hire process underway. 

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