RV rental, also known as recreational vehicle hire, is a popular way to explore the vast and beautiful landscapes of North America. However, in the UK, the term "motorhome hire" is more commonly used. In France, it is referred to as "campervan hire", while in Spain, it is known as "auto-caravan".

RVs in Canada and America tend to be much larger than those found in the UK, as the roads in North America are wider and more straight-forward. However, Scotland is a popular destination for visitors looking to rent an RV in the UK, as the country boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

RV rental in Scotland allows travelers to explore the stunning countryside and rugged coastline at their own pace. From the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders to the majestic peaks of the Highlands, an RV allows you to immerse yourself in Scotland's natural beauty and unique culture.

When looking for RV rental in Scotland, it's important to find a reputable rental company that offers reliable vehicles, good customer service, and competitive pricing. Many rental companies offer a variety of RV sizes and features to suit different needs and budgets, from compact models to larger luxury vehicles.

Some rental companies also offer delivery and pickup services, making it easy to pick up your RV in one location and drop it off in another. This can be particularly convenient if you're flying into Scotland from another part of the UK or Europe.

What is the difference between an RV and a UK Motorhome?

An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a type of motorhome commonly found in North America. It typically features a large living area, multiple sleeping quarters, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. RVs are designed for long-distance travel and often include luxurious amenities such as televisions, air conditioning, and even outdoor entertainment systems.

On the other hand, a UK motorhome is typically smaller and more compact than an RV, with a more basic set of amenities. UK motorhomes are designed for shorter trips and are ideal for exploring the UK's winding roads and smaller towns. They often feature a sleeping area, a small kitchenette, and a compact bathroom.

One of the main differences between RVs and UK motorhomes is their size. RVs are often much larger and more spacious than UK motorhomes, making them more comfortable for extended trips. However, their larger size also makes them more difficult to maneuver on narrow roads and in tight spaces.

Another key difference is the level of luxury and amenities offered. While RVs often include a wide range of luxurious features, such as leather seating and high-end appliances, UK motorhomes are generally more basic in their design and amenities.

Overall, the choice between an RV and a UK motorhome largely depends on the type of travel you are planning and your personal preferences. RVs are ideal for long-distance travel and luxury, while UK motorhomes are perfect for exploring the UK's charming towns and countryside.

 Rv motohome

Which RV rental UK companys to choose?

RV Rental from Scottish tourer motorhome hire could not be simpler, the biggest decision you will make will be selecting the motorhome that’s correct for you and your family, we have a fleet of 20 new motorhomes all under 7 months old to choose from, with 7 different models each one with its own different layout, so we will have something that suits every visitor.

Route planning for your RV rental UK

Having turned a hobby into a business we have toured all over Scotland and tailored route planners that we think take in the best of what Scotland has to offer.  Scotland is as well-known for the warmth of the people as are the Kilt and the bagpipes, we can supply you with our route planners, which will help you navigate your way around the Lochs and Glens. 

Our Satellite navigation device which is loaded with over 2000 free / wild camping spots with places to fill up with fresh water and place to empty the toilet, and you never know you might just get a glimpse of the loch ness monster. We still enjoying touring Scotland with our motorhome today as much as we did 30 years ago, we have a wealth of knowledge which we are happy to share with you, from where to find some of the best scenery to enjoy, the best restaurants, or where you can source the freshest seafood, dont hesitate to ask us.


Geting to your RV rental depot.

We can collect you from the airport in our designated shuttle bus and bring you to our depot in Perth where we will spend a little time with you showing you round the motorhome and explaining how everything works before we let you get on the road to explore, the motorhome itself will be fully equipped with everything you need including a Wi-Fi system, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, picnic tables and chairs, for those of you that are keen golfers we have golf club avalible to hire or if you enjoy cycling we have bicycles available for hire.  The only thing you might need to add to your booking form would be a bedding and towel pack and when you arrive after a long flight we will have your bed made up for you on arrival, we don’t believe in having hidden extras so our packages are all inclusive and tailored to suit your needs. 

Shuttle bus used for airport collections

RV rental UK where to park overnight?

We have tried to make everything as easy as possible allowing you to sit back and relax, we have especially adapted our motorhomes to allow them to be as self-sufficient as possible with large batteries and solar panels, so you will not need to rely on campsites.  We supply the motorhome with a pre-programmed tom-tom, on this you can easily navigate to wild camp spots, where you can stop overnight free of charge in some of the most breath-taking locations, as well as wild camp spots, it will also navigate you to places to top up with fresh water and places to empty the chemical toilet, making many of the chores as easy as possible.

wild camp spot with a motorhome

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