A Message to our Guests

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, rugged mountains, rivers, forests fantastic beaches and many wonderful Islands to explore, we believe the best way to enjoy the sights is the freedom of touring in a Motorhome, but please follow our important advice on this page.

The numbers of people travelling and holidaying in motorhomes in Scotland has increased exponentially, leading to overcrowding at many popular beauty spots and attractions. It is fair to say that motorhomes have been part of this issue and some of the images in the press have given our community a bad reputation.  there is no doubt that a few selfish motor homers are ruining some locations for the majority. These selfish few can sometimes be seen parking in the same spot for days on end with rubbish bags stuffed under the motorhome, generators running and deck chairs out. This behaviour angers locals who wonder among other things where these long termers are dumping their more toxic waste!


As a company we used to promote free overnight parking, however due to the huge influx of motorhomes in Scotland along with the bad press, we now encourage guests to use campsites or designated motorhome stops, however sometimes when there is no local campsite or the sites are full then there may be no other option than to free camp, But please follow these simple rules.  arrive late and leave early, an overnight stop is exactly that. somewhere to sleep, be respectful and use discretion and common sense.

Only takeaway photos and memories, leave only footprints.

Do not park overnight in front of houses spoiling their view.

Do not park overnight in front a farmer’s gate.

Do not park overnight in beauty spots taking up car parking spaces (If so park up after 7pm and be gone by 8.30 am in the morning) 

Do not park overnight if there is a sign prohibiting it.

Please do use the local shops, bars, and restaurants, spend money in these communities, you were allowed to stay free so give something back.

The waste water and toilet waste are stored in sealed cassette tanks onboard the motorhome, and will need emptying around every 3/4 days, in the passenger door pocket of your motorhome you will find a list of places to fill up with fresh water, empty the Toilet and grey waste water , these are supplied by some Councils and local communities , many campsites will also allow you to do a pit stop for a small fee so there are ample places to dispose of waste environmentally friendly, You must never ever dump toilet or grey waste other than these locations or campsites, anyone caught doing this will be referred to the police and the motorhome holiday ended immediately without refund.


Many hire companies have removed their logos from the vans , We have left ours on , so when you are touring around Scotland you are an ambassador for our company ,so please be respectful and courteous to other road users , pull over regularly to let traffic behind pass, park considerately so not to anger locals going about their business,  on the single track roads use the passing places to allow others behind to overtake (constantly check your mirrors) so not to hold up locals going about their work, leave at least one passing place between you and the vehicle in front, do not park in any passing places.

Most of all enjoy your holiday in our beautiful country