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West Coast route

This a sample from our west coast motorhome route.

Our west coast route can be cut short at various locations to give a 7, 10 , 12 or 12 day circular tour.

We are the only company who have all brand new very high specification motorhomes, however and more important than that is the service and advice of where to go and also where not to go from experienced expert local motor homers, unless John O Groats is on your must do list we don’t advice touring the far north of Scotland which is very flat and in our opinion rather boring when compared to our west coast motorhome route.

west coast route in a motorhome

As you may be aware we at Scottish Tourer prefer to wild camp rather than pay to stay overnight on campsites , over the last 25 years or so we have plotted all the places we have spent overnight, Even now when there is a Motorhome not on hire we are off looking around for nice spots for our customers to stay overnight, below is a small sample from the start of our West Coast motorhome route, which can be cut short at various locations to make circular tours of 7,10 12,14 days , ..The full 23 page route is available to those who book. We also have routes for Outer Hebrides, East Coast & Northern tip of Scotland. 

loch side view in the motorhome

 We specialise in wild / free camping so no need to spend every night in campsite, see below screen shot on Google maps of some our 2000 wild / free camp spots, access and push pin codes are only given to those who have booked with us, simply zoom into the area you want to view and the pushpins will be clearly displayed, on the spot you want to look at, enter street view and this will allow you a 360 degree view at eye level so you check out the scenery and views, so check out around our west coast motorhome route. 

We supply free of charge a GPS (Tom Tom Sat Nav) which has all our Wild Camp spots, toilet stops, Water Stops, loaded so when you want to find a place just check the GPS for the nearest place and press go and it will take you there, our GPS also has  around 300 water taps to top up with water and places to empty the toilet waste. We are also adding Pub Stops where you can have a meal & drink and stay overnight, try this sample ... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@57.94596,-4.31792,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szthf4iUe2cA4.kOr83eeaxj6Q?hl=en-GB

Scottish tourer map

Full large size overview of the West Coast motorhome route map below given to those who book with us.

Scottish Tourer west coast map

From our base in Perth head north up the A9 towards Inverness, if you have had a long drive to reach us in Perth, then you may only want to drive for 30 Minutes to Pitlochry where there is a nice wild camp spot follow this link,  http://tinyurl.com/4uukqqg . Pitlochry is a very tourist oriented town, and in our opinion is overpriced, and because it’s so busy the restaurants we have tried don’t have to try very hard, and the food and service was very poor, therefore our advice is to drive 15 minutes further north to Blairatholl, which is a small village in the midst of the Grampian Mountains. 

Or if you wish to use a campsite, then 45 Minutes from us is Blairatholl campsite, which has been, Inspected and recommended by us, and is next to Blairatholl Castle, which is one of the best preserved Castles in Scotland with fantastic views, (you can wild camp at Aviemore 2 Hours from Perth), Blair Castle is said to have been started in 1269 and is the Ancestral home of the Murray clan, in 1844 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, visited and stayed at Blair Castle it was after this she gave permission to establish the Atholl Highlanders Army, which to this day is the only private army in the UK.

Blair Atholl Catle

On the way to Inverness stop in at House Of Bruar, which is a Scottish Highland food hall, and stock up with the finest food Scotland has to offer before tackling our west coast motorhome route, it is a little bit expensive but worth it, with Home baked bread, a delicatessen, and a huge array of fine foods, At the Butchers (Ask for Gary)  buy the Local Rib of Beef, which has been hung for over 30 days and is delicious on the Barbeque, which is supplied with the motorhome, with Baked potato and caramelised onions,(we can supply cooking instructions), we highly recommend the delicious fish and chip shop which opened in 2017.. open to 8pm.  

House Of Bruar

Scottish tourer map

Aviemore area is around a 2-hour drive from Perth in the heart of the Cairngorm Mountains.

Wild camping is available at the Ski centre, however If it is cloudy higher up, then wild camp lower down at Loch Morlich, where you can park right on the water’s edge and enjoy a Barbie, if you have kids, don’t miss a visit to Landmark Kids adventure play park, a few miles north of Aviemore at Carrbridge , we don’t recommend visiting Loch Ness as the view is spoilt with the road lined trees so views of the loch are very restricted , it’s also a busy Tourist area with tour buses and tacky shops, selling plastic monsters etc, so unless this is a must see on your tick list, best to avoid and enjoy parking up for the night, at much more spectacular lochs in peace and quiet. 

When in Aviemore consider a 20-mile journey through the Cairngorm Mountains national park on the Strathspey Steam train...  spoil yourself with lunch in one of the 1st class carriages.

Strathspey steam train

High level Wild camping is also available up at the Ski centre, here you can enjoy a trip to near the summit of the Cairngorm Mountain, on the funicular railway which opened in 2001,it is the highest railway in the United Kingdom, the two-kilometre long funicular ascends the northern slopes of the Cairngorm mountain.

Funicular railway

Scottish Tourer map

From Aviemore travel to Inverness, and up to Ullapool don’t miss a visit to the Butchers at the Harbour, for some delicious local T Bone steaks they also have fresh caught hand dived scallops,(Delicious pan fried with some garlic), the campsite Broomfield Holiday park, which has been Inspected and recommended by us, in Ullapool is right on the water’s edge, and is interesting to watch the Ferries, sailing past to and from the Islands, from the comfort of the Motorhome, there is also a new campsite opening 2018 1 mile north of Ullapool which has stunning views out to sea, (more details once we have inspected it) , from their head back down towards Inverness on the A835 for 10 minutes, and turn off to the right on the A832 for Gairloch , watch out for Inverewe gardens which is famous for exotic plants.

Corrieshalloch Gorge is situated on the Droma River, which is 20 km South of Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, it is 1.5 km long, 60m deep and formed at the end of the last ice age, by rapid erosion caused by meltwater.

Corrieshalloch Gorge is situated on the Droma River

Inverewe Gardens is a lush, sub-tropical-style, oasis perched on a peninsula, at the edge of Loch Ewe amid the rugged landscape of Wester Ross, this is a world-famous historic gardens.

Inverewe Gardens

Wild camping is available, right on the sand dunes, near Cove at Loch Ewe, During World War Two, the loch was a naval port of very strategic importance to the UK, and served as one of the main assembly points for the Atlantic convoys, which were bound for America and Africa, together with those destined for Murmansk, and Russia, known as the Arctic Run, it was also the entry point for many of the British submarines, heading into the Atlantic Ocean.

Wild camping in a motorhome with the sun going down

Gruinard Island which is on our west coast motorhome route, was the site of a biological warfare test by British military scientists in 1942, during World War two, at the time there was an investigation by the British government into the possibility of an attack using the anthrax virus, but given the nature of the chemical weapon which was being developed, it was recognised that tests would cause widespread and long-lasting contamination, of the immediate area by anthrax spores. In order to limit contamination, a remote and uninhabited island was required. Gruinard was surveyed, deemed suitable and requisitioned from its owners by the British Government.

Gruinard Island

Head down the Coast road to Loch Maree ... way better than Loch Ness, or Loch Lomond, with an abundance of peaceful wild camping spots, right on the water edge with stunning views of the mountains each side, overnight next to the loch is available here.    

Road to Loch Maree

Scottish tourer map

This is a shotened version of our west coast route which is avalible to our customers on confirmation of booking, for more information or for any furter assisatance dont hesitate to contact us at