Adventure based holidays in Scotland

In Scotland we are lucky to have such an abundance of outdoor pursuits on our door step, set amongst some of the most beautiful landscape and all within easy driving reach when combined with a motorhome you can enjoy a holiday while experience some adrenaline based activities along with culture and history, one day you could be wondering around Blair Atholl castle and the next enjoying a tree top assault course.  So, whether you are looking for a family adventure or something more relaxed a motorhome can offer the best of both worlds.

A motorhome provides the ideal base for the flexibility it can offer you and the family when trying out different activities for the first time, if it’s something not suitable for younger family members or maybe somebody not wanting to partake at least you know they have a comfortable base from which they can explore from themselves or wait until you are ready to regroup and travel on.  

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Adventure based holidays can be on water, land or even in the air, depending on what you would like to explore, we have put together a few suggestions of different activities that we have tried ourselves as well as a few that we are maybe not so brave to try, as a family my dad has been an adrenaline junkie himself and enjoyed pursuits such as rock climbing/ice climbing he has been a keen hill walker and mountaineer more recently he has just hung up his rally helmet in the Scottish championship and has taken to more leisurely sports such as cycling and his golf.  

Water Based Activities

Scotland has a huge range of options when it comes to water sports with a range of Lochs, miles of rugged rivers and stunning coastline, its easy to see why people come to Scotland to partake in water sports as beginners or more experienced in their chosen hobby.

 Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Water trampolining/Banana Boating 

Loch Lomond in the Trossachs national park is an ideal location for trying out water sports it has a stunning back drop in the forest allows visitors to try new water sports as well as an abundance of cycle routes, picnic spots and forests to explore in.  
Loch Lomond Leisure is company offer a huge range of activities including water trampolining banana boating as well as paddle boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing there website has a huge range of water and land sports on offer see their website

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

White Water Rafting

In Perthshire there is the option to go white water rafting at Pitlochry or Aberfeldy with Splash, enjoy an adrenaline filled day enjoying the rapids and the twists and turns of the river.   Have a look at their website for more information as there are other activities on offer .

Water Canyoning

Why not try Canyoning again at Pitlochry or Aberfeldy, if you enjoy a bit of rock climbing and water sports this is definitely for you as it combines both with Canyoning you can abseil down cliff faces, enjoy gorge walking or jumping from cliffs.

 Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Sea Kayaking 

At Arisaig, this is a great location to go sea kayaking and with the help of the guides there is the opportunity to explore the coast line and look for wild life and explore the beaches and access areas where you can’t access on foot, visit their website for more information 

Kite surfing or wind surfing 

The Isle of Tiree is a top destination, part of the inner Hebrides which you would need to take the ferry over to is one of the best places in Scotland to try such activities, but with glorious white sandy beaches and a strong south westerly wind it is amongst one of the best spots in Europe to enjoy surfing activities and with an activity centre on the Island with qualified instructors anybody can take part.  

Raft building/River Trips

Loch Inch outdoor sports centre at Aviemore has a range of water and land based activities such as sailing, river trips, raft building amongst others but you can also take part in fishing, archery to mountain biking so a great outdoor activity centre with lots of activities on offer.  


Land Based Activities

Scotland is full of activities that will suit everyone from experienced mountaineers looking for a challenge to a family’s first time horse riding along a country lane, I am sure that you will find something be it for yourself or your family in Scotland.  


The Scottish countryside is ideal for exploring and going on a nature trail with the family and you will find suitable walking routes in almost all villages and towns you stop by, it’s a great way to see the countryside and look out for some of Scotland’s very own big 5 – The red Squirrel, red deer, golden eagle, otter and seal.  There is also the opportunity to tackle a few munro’s, see our hill walking route guide for more ideas 

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Horse Riding

This is an excellent way to explore the Scottish Countryside and is suitable for all ages and of all levels of experience.  Depending on the location of the Riding centre you may be given the opportunity to ride in the countryside, on the beach or through the forest wither way it’s a great experience for the whole family and something to enjoy.  Alvie Stables near Aviemore offer hacks through Alvie Estate or why not take a hack along the beach with Uist Community rising school and enjoy the stunning views the outer Hebrides has to offer as you hack along the white sandy beach they are based at Benbecula near the airport.

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Mountain Biking

Scotland is the ideal location for those who love the thrill of the uneven terrain and the challenge of cycling through the forest and the more rugged and natural cycle routes being rewarded along the way with the most stunning scenery and for those who cycle uphill you will be rewarded from the top of the mountain with the most stunning view and still have the enjoyment of cycling back down towards the motorhome.  


If mountain biking is not something you enjoy then there is plenty cycle routes that take you round lochs, through villages, along canals and through the countryside allowing you to explore places that you cannot get to in the car, please see our cycle tours route for more ideas and why not combine cycling and sigh seeing at the same time

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Hill Walking

If you would like to try and bag yourself a few of Scotland 282 Munros whilst on holiday then what are you waiting for, at the end of such a challenge the views from the summit will be fantastic and the reward for all the hard work.  Please ensure you are walking within your ability and do your homework before attempting to complete any munro or hillwalking expedition,  see our walking tours page for more information

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

 Zorbing/Segway/Quad biking

There is so many other activities on offer in Scotland such as Zorbing or Sphering for the thrill seeking amongst you where you step into a giant ball and gentle roll inside it to the bottom of the hill.  Segway’s are an increasingly popular way for getting around and seeing tourist attractions likes of the tour offered by Scottish Segway Centre and take a tour round the Falkirk Wheel.  For petrol heads why not enjoy a trek round the countryside on a quad bike there is designated quad bike centres round Scotland. 

Air Based Activities

If heights do not bother you then how about trying a Bungee jump or tree top trail or combine a tree top trail with a zip wire adventure.  

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Tree Top Trails & Zip Lines

Tree top trails are a great way to involve older children in families activities, enjoy the adventure of the different activities and challenges high above the ground in the tree canopy in the middle of the  forest and then enjoy the zip line back down to the earth.  
There is places in Aviemore offering such activities and then bigger companies such as Go Ape that have different activity centres in Scotland, the centre at Aberfoyle is home to one the largest Zip lines in the UK at 323 meters long and 45 meters high you are literally flying over the trees below.  

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Bungee Jump

This is in my opinion the ultimate adrenaline junkie challenge and although I think anyone who wants to partake in jumping off a ledge 150 meters above a river with only a rope around there ankle is crazy – I also appreciate it is popular and there are many centres in Scotland that are open to allow such thrill seekers the opportunity 

 Why take a Motorhome 

At the end of a busy day where your adrenaline has been pumping probably most of the day, your body will be physically and mentally exhausted and what better way to relax than to drive to a secluded wild camp spot put the BBQ on and sit back and relax on the deck chair with a cold beer from the fridge reminiscing on the highlight of the day with your family or friends.  
Then before bed enjoy a nice hot shower before snuggling down in a warm and comfortable bed to get a goodnight sleep to see what adventures the next day might bring.  A motorhome will be your transport as well as home for your holiday and you will find your Scottish Tourer Motorhome well equipped with everything you need allowing you to sit back relax and enjoy your holiday.  

Scottish Tourer adventure Holiday

Why a motorhome rather than B&B

And there are many reasons for it being the ideal accommodation –

  •  If a member of family does not want to partake in the activity, they have a safe and secure place to wait- they can read watch a movie, go for a walk etc.
  • If not, everyone is participating this allows you a base to come and go from or a method of transport to drive to a meeting point if cycling.  
  • Fully equipped with everything you need from fairy liquid to a sat nav at no extra cost
  • Garage space for keeping boots or ruck sacks, bike carrier on the rear of the vehicle for if you are travelling with bikes.  
  • Pack a picnic rather than eating out in cafes/restaurants, its great being able to have a flask of tea and a sandwich to stop and enjoy along the way and nothing better than quietly watching nature as you relax and enjoy some lunch.
  • The motorhome itself is comfortable and easy to drive with a sat nav system pre-programmed with wild camp spots
  • Rather than haven a room or a bar to unwind after a busy day you can unwind in your own lounge area playing a board game, watching a movie, planning the next day or sitting outside watching the sunset with your favourite tipple.
  • A warm and comfortable bed for everyone so everyone can get a goodnights sleep see our range of motorhomes to find the right one for you or email or phone for more advicare

A motorhome will give you a comfortable home for unwinding and relaxing at the end of a busy day but it will also allow you the freedom to come and go as you please without restrictions of being in a certain area because you have a B&B booked if your unexpectedly enjoying the location you’re in and have more exploring to do – just stay another night and when you’re ready you can move on to the next area.  

Scottish Tourer Adventure holidays
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