We buy Brand New Motorhomes for our Hire fleet direct from the Swift Factory in North Yorkshire every year. ALL OUR 2020 MODELS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER 2021

Please scroll down to find details and images of the 20 Swift British built Motorhomes we currently have for sale. However, every year our entire fleet is booked up many months in advance, so please don't hesitate to call us or email us for more information or to arrange a time to come and view our wide range of motorhomes/caravans. To reserve one of our motorhomes, we ask for a small deposit of £1,000 to guarantee the vehicle will be held for you.  

Our Fitted Extras

All of our motorhomes come fully fitted with:

  • Wifi systems 
  • Bike Racks
  • Roof-mounted solar panels
  • Awnings
  • Reverse cameras
  • Parking Sensors (21 models Only)
  • Air conditioning (21 Models Only)
  • Cruise control (21 Models Only)
  • TV systems
  • Hands-free systems for phones.

Please note that the following are not included in the sale: satellite navigation, picnic table and chairs, fold-out barbeque, LPG tanks, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, torch, binoculars, toilet fluid, cleaning materials, 25-metre electric hook up cable, 25-metre water filter hose.

Swift makes robust and safe motorhomes that are sure never to disappoint. By not using wood in the vehicle's construction, they are much less susceptible to damp problems, and they are more secure and safe with their inner and outer walls being made from impact-resistant GRP.

Our Price £41,995. including vat (Dealer new Price including all the extras we fit £54,165.)

DEPOSITS TAKEN AGAINST ALL SIX , PLease ask to be added to our reserve list.

Price Includes Drivers Pack .. Air Con,Cruise Control and Parking sensors. 4 berth Low profile Motorhome for a couple or a small family large enough for ample space and small enough for those who dont have the facility to ;park a large motorhome in their driveway.

2021 Model our price £54,000 , New Dealer price is £61,200 including all the extras we fit.

  (One 2021 Model Available October) . All the 2020 models have now been sold only one 2021 model left available.

We now have one 2021 model which will be brand new in August and available in October Our Price £54,000 so will only be around 8 weeks old , The new price including all the extras we fit is £61,000.

Our Price £41,995 including Vat, Dealer new price including all the extras we fit £55,580


DEPOSITS TAKEN AGAINST ALL SIX , PLease ask to be added to our reserve list.

All have cruise control included in the price, This is a very versatile 4 berth family motorhome with two large beds made up all the time, which is also an excellent choice for a couple with the rear walk round Island bed.

(1 left with Automatic 9 speed gearbox with engine upgrade drivers pack  alloy wheels £47,995 Sorry now sold) 1 Left with Drivers pack , Crusie Control, Aircon, Paking Sensors, Passenger Airbag, and Alloy wheels £45,995 Sorry Now sold)

Our Price £41,995 including Vat, Dealer new price including all the extras we fit £53,640

DEPOSITS TAKEN AGAINST ALL EIGHT, PLease ask to be added to our reserve list.

The Lewis is a new steamlined 6 Berth design for 2020 with a high specification making it ideal for a family of 4 but can accomodate up to 6,  however this 6 berth / 6 seatbelt motorhome and can be driven on a normal car license.  The Lewis is 7.4 metres and has been designed for maximum living space. (2 x Models available with Drivers Pack Air Con, Crusie control , Pasenger Airbag, Parking Sensors, £43,995.)

OUR PRICE £79,900, Retail price £103.000. please no offers.

SOLD DEPOSIT TAKEN, (PLease ask to be added to reserve list)

Swift Kontiki 675 for sale, Used 2020 High Model.

Our Price £41,995. Including vat (Dealer Price including all the extras we fit £53,700) - On 19 Plates


This Campervan is ideal for those who want a smaller vehicle and still have all the comforts of a lounge,


Our Price £40,995. Including vat (Dealer new Price including all the extras we fit £55,700) - On 19 Plates

Sorry All Sold

This is the low profile model making this motorhome very economical on fuel at around 30-34 mpg.

£52,350 including vat (Dealer Price including all the extras we fit £66,250)- On 68 Plate.

All sold 

The Main feature of this Motorhome is the large luxury wash room with dressing room

£44,995, Including vat (Dealer Price including all the extras we fit £56,700) - On 19 Plates



This is a brand new streamlined bright modern design and layout for 2019 with a very high specification, Captain style swivel cab seats, Large Island bed which is Ideal for a couple and can be driven on a normal car license... 3500 kg; The Skye is 7.4 metres long so is very roomy inside and has been designed for maximum living space.

£39,950. including vat (Dealer Price including all the extras we fit £56,250) - Registered May 2018

Sorry All sold .

ive Seatbelts and can be driven on a normal car license, This is a lowline motorhome where the main double bed drops down

£42,995 Inc vat, (Dealer price including all the extras we fit £58,850) on 19 Plates

AVAILABLE NOW, (Sorry Now Sold)

The main feature of this Motorhome is the availability to have twin or a double beds and also the very large garage area.

£57,995. includes Smart Car and Tow Dolly

Sorry Now sold.For sale on belhalf of a customer, A beautiful Swift Kontiki 625, Black Edition Upgrade, in First Class condition.  To be sold as a package, including a Smart ForTwo, Edition 21, Towcar and a Tow-a-Car A-frame towing system.  Also included are a vast range of luxury accessories


From us, you will only ever find cared for, well-maintained and recent models of Swift motorhome. We buy our motorhomes in bulk, straight from the manufacturer in North Yorkshire, every April for our hire fleet. After this, around six months later, we then sell them off to customers who'll love them as much as we do.

All the Motorhomes we have for sale are on 2019 plates, come fitted with new Euro 6 engines and are newly updated driving cabs with air-con system, trackers, passenger airbags, factory fitted and six-speed gearbox. All of our vehicles are also under the full manufacturer's warranty:

  • Fiat - 3 years
  • Swift Body warranty - 6 years
  • Appliances - 2-years

With between 12 to a maximum of 16 thousand miles on their clocks, it's crucial to us that all motorhomes are kept in mint condition. We know our customers are paying a lot of money to hire them and so do everything possible to keep these vehicles highly maintained, with any breakages or damage being replaced or repaired immediately. 

The interiors are as new with no stains or cuts on the upholstery, and everything works as you would expect in a brand new motorhome. They also come with the original carpets new and unused. The exterior has no dents or scrapes or scuffs, although they may have minor scratches and or minor dents which are difficult to notice.


Being a motorhome hire company we have experienced working with most manufacturers over the years, so why do we buy British built Swift motorhomes for our hire fleet? Well, we find the Swift quality of workmanship to be second to none.

The Swift motorhomes are built using high-quality materials and stand up amazingly well compared to the other manufacturers we have used in the past. Swift does not use wood in the construction of their motorhomes, so are not susceptible to damp problems. The interiors are also excellent quality, as they use foam which does not sag through use, hardwearing and spill-resistant upholstery and use neutral colours give the interiors a bright, airy feeling.


We prefer the Fiat-based vehicles rather than the Ford Transit because Fiat specially build their chassis for Motorhomes; with the axle placement optimal for balance and a lower centre of gravity chassis suited to motorhomes. Transits, however, are more akin to pick-up truck chassis with a caravan bolted on top. 

The Fiats have much wider cabs which blend better with the motorhome's body, providing a lot more cab space. Fiats are also fitted with wider rear axles and are very stable with minimal body roll compared to the transit. Over the last five years, our Fiats have covered more than 800,000 miles with only very minor problems.