PLease scroll down to view the two models of Campervan available for two persons, The Jura and the Iona, both are 6 metres long with double or singe beds , with fully fitted kitchen, shower, and washrooms, they are ideal for those who want all the luxuries of a motorhome but in a nible slimline vehicle to navigate the smaller roads.  



There are two layouts available , One with a rear lounge / dinette which makes up to a large double or two single beds, The other is a front lounge / dinette, the rear double bed (6ft 1"long) can be left made up if required.

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If ever there was a country made for a motorhome holiday, it's Scotland.

With stunning scenery, breathtaking landscapes and a whole host of castles, ruins and quaint villages, touring Scotland by campervan gives locals and tourists the chance to truly appreciate Scotland's natural beauty. 

Scottish Tourer offers unrivalled service in campervan hire and luxury motorhomes. Simply choose your style and size of campervan, reserve your campervan online, and then pick up your freshly serviced campervan or motorhome from our head office in Perth. 

We can provide convenient campervan transfers from Edinburgh airport and Glasgow international airport. Our Perth depot is easily accessible via car or public transport if preferred, with a shuttle service running from Perth train station. Scottish Tourer can provide a safe space for your vehicle so you can enjoy your Scottish road trip without having to worry. 

To hire a campervan in Scotland for the upcoming summer season, get in contact with our friendly team today. 


Scottish Campervan Hire: The Benefits 

If you are wondering why you should hire a campervan in Scotland, we've outlined a few of the many benefits a Scotland campervan holiday will provide: 

  • Freedom to explore the beautiful country of Scotland 

  • Travel at your own pace and leisure 

  • Endless scenic drives through Scotland's impressive landscapes 

  • Experience the awe of the Scottish Highlands 

  • Enjoy the great outdoors whilst still having a cosy double bed, cooked meals and a hot onboard shower and toilet at your disposal. 

  • Experience wild camping in some of Scotland's most remote spots 

  • Discover the amazing places of Scotland, including the incredible white sand beaches, rolling hills, hidden castles and much more! 

  • Go off-grid and get off the beaten track 

  • See the incredible Scottish wildlife up close and personal 

  • Have the luxury of stopping whenever you want (as long as it's safe) and bedding down for the night 

  • Give an amazing experience to all the family with our spacious four-berth motorhome hire 

  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery found along the north and east coast routes of Scotland 

Still not convinced? Read on to discover more about Scottish Tourer's campervan hire service. 


Luxury campervan hire Scotland 

When considering whether to hire a campervan in Scotland or not, the number one reason that puts people off is the lack of home comforts, such as comfortable beds and shower and toilet facilities. 

With Scottish Tourer's luxury campervan hire in Scotland, you needn't worry about missing out on any of these home comforts. Our campervans come fully-equipped and are made for optimal travelling convenience. 

Our luxury campervan hire service offers: 

  • Fully-fitted kitchens 

  • Fitted double beds 

  • Hot running water 

  • Hot onboard showers 

  • Shower and toilet facilities 

  • Programmable heating system 

  • TV Systems 

  • Wi-Fi 

  • Dining area 

  • Lounge area 

  • Convenient, multipurpose captain-style swivel chairs 

  • Rear-view cameras & parking sensors 

  • Satellite navigation 

  • Air conditioning 

  • Bike racks 

  • Sunroof 

  • Privacy Windows 

  • Built-in USB ports 

Please note that not every one of our campervans boasts all of these points, but the vast majority have most, if not all, included. You can find a full breakdown of all our available motorhome rental options here. 


Why hire a Campervan from Scottish Tourer? 

Campervan rental from Scottish Tourer is more than just a business. For us, it's a passion and a way of life. As a family-run business, the Scottish Tourer team has travelled extensively in campervans across Scotland and further afield in Europe. 

We use our first-hand knowledge to provide a campervan hire service that suits your needs. We've sussed out the negative parts of campervan living through trial and error and worked hard to improve these points to ensure our campervans are an accessible, realistic travel option for people of all ages. 

What is more, we've put time and effort into crafting some of the best driving routes, areas and wild camping spots to guide our guests in the right direction. 

We want you to take control of your Scotland road trip, but it never hurts to have some hints and tips stored in your back pocket from experienced Scottish campervan travellers. 

Our motorhome hire service also includes: 

  • Full breakdown cover 

  • Comprehensive insurance 

  • Guides, routes and maps 

  • Brand new vehicles updated yearly 

  • Free access to the best-rated campsites in Scotland 

  • 24/7 personal customer service 

  • Bespoke package deals to suit your needs 

To visit Scotland in style, book a campervan through Scottish Tourer today. We promise you won't regret it! 


Where to road trip in Scotland? 

Scotland is a fairly small country, making it ideal for road trips and motorhome holidays. However, it can be tricky to know which route is best to take during the course of your campervan rental and which locations offer the most value for you. 

Everyone's tastes are different, but Scottish Tourer has put together a host of articles, guides and blogs to help you explore Scotland fully and plan out your motorhome trip. 

With our convenient pickup point located in Perth, you can hire a campervan in Fife and travel the beautiful east coast of Scotland. Filled with lighthouses and picturesque seaside towns, Fife is a great starting point for your campervan holiday. 

Another popular starting point is Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. Full of charm and history, Edinburgh is a tourist's dream and offers a convenient starting point on your quest to visit Scotland. With airport transfers available, campervan hire Edinburgh is an excellent option for travellers coming from down south or abroad. 

The Scottish Highlands is one of the most sought after locations in Scotland. Scottish Tourer has recognised this and implemented a convenient system for campervan hire Inverness. As Inverness is the common start and endpoint of the famous NC500, we offer helpful solutions for campervan hire in the Scottish highlands. 

Our final convenient starting point recommendation is Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow. Glasgow is a fantastic city to set off from, full of heritage, culture and friendly people. We offer transfers direct from Glasgow international airport, giving local and foreign customers easy access to our Perth motorhomes. Please find out more about our campervan hire Glasgow service. 


Explore Scottish Tourer campervans 

Scottish Tourer is proud to offer a wide selection of modern campervans and motorhomes, all of which are fully serviced and updated every year.

We have 2, 4 and 6 berth motorhomes, meaning whether you're a couple looking for an adventure getaway or a family looking to reconnect with nature, our range of motorhomes will have the answer you're looking for. 

Our New Harris and Lewis motorhomes are great for larger families, whilst our New Skye and Jura motorhomes are popular options for couples. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to book a campervan or motorhome for the upcoming season.