Get Away in a Hire Motorhome for the Winter

Get Away in a Hire Motorhome for the Winter

by Scottish Tourer July 31, 2011

Get Away in a Hire Motorhome for the Winter

 Does the thought of hanging around an airport at the beginning and end of your holiday fill you with dread? Middle of the night starts, airport delays, queues, sub standard hotels – really, who needs them?  Why not enjoy the freedom of taking your accommodation with you with a motorhome hire holiday.  It’s been a freezing winter in the UK with lots of snow and ice, so why not head for the guaranteed sunshine in the south of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy or wherever you fancy? How quickly you get there or how much you want to see on the way there is entirely up to you – complete freedom.

Enjoying a bbq on the beach in Spain

Enjoying a glass of wine and a bbq on the baech in Spain
Driving abroad is very different to driving around the UK, roads are less busy and if you choose to use the ‘autoroutes’ you will be amazed at the frequency and standard of facilities provided by the service stations.  But if you choose to use the ‘A roads’ you will also love how uncrowded they are just like Scotland.  

Children love a motorhome hire holiday as they get quickly acquainted with their own bed and area of the motorhome they like to be in.  If you have children who tend to get bored on long journeys, they can just chill out in the back of motorhome watching a DVD.  A massive advantage of motorhome holidays is that you can take all the stuff you need, or think you need, but also with plenty of storage room you can bring back anything you find on the way.
A great combination is a motorhome and some bikes, most motorhome hire companies have a bike rack fitted at the rear, capable of carrying several bikes and some of the larger ones like the Carioca 656 or the Carioca 707 both Motorhomes have a garage at the back end.  With having your bikes onboard you can cycle along in the sunshine to do your shopping or just for fun – great for getting some fresh air and some exercise.


Parked up at Gibralter rock

Many of these aspects we have covered here could easily be enjoyed in England, Scotland or Wales if your time and budget are limited. The UK is a fantastic place with an amazing coastline and the possibility of enjoying a beautiful sunset with a barbeque and a glass of wine in your hand this is the best way to enjoy the Weast coast of Scotland in a hire motorhome, the best part being the knowledge that you have a very comfortable bed just a few feet away.
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