Staycation with a motorhome

Staycation with a motorhome

by Scottish Tourer February 10, 2012

For those of us who own a motorhome, we already know the beauty of a staycation in the UK, where you can enjoy beautiful countryside, glorious beaches and stunning monuments without having to shell out a fortune for flights or endure the torture of the busy airport.

But it now seems that more and more people are discovering the low cost, stress free alternative to going abroad and planning to Hire / Rent motorhomes for touring around the UK and Scotland in 2012, and as motorhome enthusiasts we say good on them!
According to recent research, a massive 91% of British people are planning to take a holiday in the UK during 2012, which is a 23% increase on the last 12 months and means a lot more people travelling up and down the country in hire / rental motorhomes, caravans and campers, for our full range of motorhome visit

Staycations can be a lot of fun for the whole family, save you a bit of money and can be a lot less stressful than going abroad, but there are still a few things you should take into consideration if you are planning a holiday in the UK.


Enjoying the fairy pools


Obviously the first thing to consider is where you are going to spend your stay, as you need to find somewhere that’s practical yet fun for the whole family. Scotland particularly the West coast has become one of the most popular UK destinations in recent years, and does not get busy or congested during peak periods, wild camping spots in your hire / rental motorhome are ample in this area.

However, The UK does have a number of other beautiful national parks, such as Dartmoor, Snowdonia and the Yorkshire Dales, Cairngorms in Scotland all of which have an abundance of scenic natural attractions, quaint towns and fun days out. If the countryside isn’t for you, why not try one of the beautiful coastal towns in Devon, Cornwall or Dorset and Oban , Fortwilliam in Scotland where many people are finding they can enjoy warm weather and sandy beaches without travelling abroad.


Fun on the beach


One of the main reasons people are choosing to stay in the UK for their holiday is to avoid the cost and annoyance of travelling abroad, but that doesn’t mean travelling in the UK is always a breeze, what with the risk of traffic jams and the cost of petrol.
If you are driving a long distance across the UK you will want to make sure that your car, motorhome or camper etc is in good working order and can handle the drive, hire / rental hire Motorhomes come well prepared It is also worth considering setting off and returning on weekdays to avoid the hectic weekend traffic, However no such worries in Scotland.


As you are not going abroad you may think there is no need to check your insurance policies, but if you are taking the whole family away and travelling in a motorhome, caravan or camper, it is crucial to check that you are covered by your Motorhome Insurance policy.
No one likes to think about holidays going wrong, but it is a risk we all face and with insurance, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It may seem like common sense, but follow these simple tips and you can be sure of a fantastic staycation in your hire / rental motorhome that is a lot less stressful and costly that going abroad but still fun for you and your family.


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