Kitting out your New Motorhome

Kitting out your New Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer January 29, 2013

Kitting out your New Motorhome


So you’ve done it at last. The purchase you always dreamed about, and wondered if you could ever afford, your very own motorhome. It will be one of the biggest investments of your life and if you have bought from new then there is still quite a few more purchases you need to make. In Scotland wild camping is widly allowed more especially up the North and the more remote areas, Some hire companies kit there hire Motorhomes out specifically for this purpose

Insurance a priority

First and foremost you need to make sure you have motorhome insurance, without it you cannot take the vehicle anywhere. The insurance should not only cover the cost of the motor home but the considerable amount of kit you now have inside it, and boy will it be a lot of stuff!

It is almost impossible to fully kit out your new motorhome straight away, as you will find it difficult to itemise a list that covers all your needs and secondly you will probably only really find out what you need once you have stayed in your motorhome and discovered what essentials you are missing.

Parked overnight by the loch

Parked overnight by the loch

Don’t mix and match

If it is your first motorhome then it is guaranteed you are going to need some help with your list. There are plenty of forums on the internet that may help and of course there are plenty of common sense items that will immediately come to mind, Some times it may be worthwhile hiring a motorhome from a rental company to try before you buy.

One trap many people fall into is trying to share their house equipment with the motor home… don’t bother. There is a big difference in the design of equipment for a home and one for a motorhome, just like there is a difference between campervan insurance and van insurance.

Beds in a motorhome are not the generous size beds most people have at home; therefore quilts and sheets won’t fit. Kitchen pots and pans are generally smaller and work off different types of fuel. Torches, matches and candles are guaranteed to be in the other home when they are most needed. You are far better kitting out your motorhome separately.

Stay close to home at first

One good tip for those trying out their new motorhome for the first time is to spend a weekend on their own driveway. That way they can experiment without embarrassment. It will allow you to get used to the stove, the sleeping arrangements and toileting. It will give you a good idea of the absolute basic requirements for your first trip and get you used to the living space.

Another tip worth remembering is that seasoned travellers usually buy their equipment from shops like Tesco, Argos and Morrison’s, they work out a lot cheaper than speciality camping outlets and the products are often equally as good.


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