Advice for Hiring a  Motorhome

Advice for Hiring a Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer September 15, 2013

There are plenty of different models of Hire motorhome  to suit you needs and budget from Hire motorhome dealers in Scotland, so you need to be sure what you need want in a hire motorhome from the start so that you can ensure you get a hire motorhome to your needs. Take in to consideration the size of motorhome which you require this will be relevant to the amount of people, you may also want to consider what equipment, privacy and levels of security you feel you will need.

travelling a single track road along the edge of a loch

Take time to find the right  hire motorhome company to use

Finding a good price and the correct dates you require for your hire motorhome holiday can be much more difficult than you think than and can mean spending lots of hours searching for the right price to suit your budget, you will also find that some Hire motorhome companies will be unable to supply a hire motorhome for the dates as they have already been booked up especially during peak season.  When you hire a motorhome you need to ensure that you take notice of what is included in the price  for either a daily, weekly and monthly rental, you should consider the collection point as this will be an important factor in your decision.

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Make sure that you have book your hire motorhome well in advance.

If you know the model of motorhome you want to rent for your holiday why don’t delay in getting it booked early so that you are guaranteed the right Motorhome,  holiday periods are very busy when hiring a motorhome. And Motorhomes are snapped up very quickly so you could lose out if you don’t book early, you may also get a better motorhome hire quote as many companies offer discounts for early booking.

Familiarise yourself with the motorhome you hire before you set off on your holiday.

Motorhome dealers are very good in this respect and will spend enough time showing you a motorhomes features, the last thing they want you to do is have an accident so be sure that you pay attention to what they are saying. Check that there are no marks or scrarches on the motorhome before you sign the hire forms and make sure that everything is  working properly before you set off.  Check the overall condition of the motorhome and and that all safety features are present within the motorhome.  

Think carefully about motorhome hire insurance for your hired motorhome.

  • Purchasing insurance coverage is your choice but a very important one as driving a motorhome does involve some risk, especially if your are unfamiliar with driving a motorhome. The motorhome hire company staff should tell you your options before you hire the vehicle. Practice driving the motorhome you hire before you set of on your holidays.
  • Before you set of on your holidays most motorhome hire companies will help you to get to know The motorhome and by doing a some driving around the car park or a quick spin around the block. Usually the most difficult part is reversing and parking the motorhome and being able to judge how far you are from the kerb and the amount of space you have, to reverse into.  Knowing what is behind you is quite difficult until you are used to it.Consider Taking your hire motorhome for a quick drive before setting off on your holidays . This helps you to overcome this and at the very least will familiarize you with the motorhomes controls.

loch side wild camp spot with the motorhome

Motorhome hire kits.

Motorhome hire kits can be arranged with the hire and is dependent on the dealer who you are hiring the motorhome from. The kits are usually inclusive of everyday needs for living. We have found that kitchen and housekeeping kits, personal convenience kits and vehicle supply kits are very handy and help make the holiday easier.
Book your motorhome holiday site in advance before you set off.

You can also look at the trip advisor or check google reviews  to read real reviews from customers who have used the hire company you are intending to use, please see our testimonlas page  


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