Hiring A Motorhome

Hiring A Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer August 07, 2014

Hiring a Motorhome is becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice, here we take a look at the freedom and fun that motor homing can offer.

Air travel delays due to strikes and the news constantly reporting on unrest in many countries could be one reason the Caravan Club have reported a record breaking year in terms of subscriptions and the UK holiday is once more gaining in popularity

Buying a Motorhome can be expensive and generally do not get used more than a few weeks a year, so the option of Hiring a Motorhome is very appealing.

Parked in a layby for luch

Modern motor homes are spacious, comfortable and children love the adventure not to mention us adults get the chance to completely unwind, precious family time takes on a whole new meaning after a week or two of enjoying the freedom,

You really are free to do as you please, unlike the conventional holiday where you stay in one place with a motorhome simply hit the road and turn up at the next destination. If you can not decide where you want to go this summer why not plan a multi stop trip, a good motorhome lets you do this with ease.

wild camp spot

Hiring a Motorhome to Explore the UK, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Devon to name just a few, the sites are generally very clean packed with amenities and best of all very cost effective. In peak holiday season it is advisable to book your preferred campsite in advance as the last thing you want is to arrive only to find the site fully booked

If you are feeling a little more adventurous why not head for Europe, the world really is your oyster Just imagine waking up from a good night sleep opening the door on to beautiful beach in the south of France, the bottom of a ski run in the alps or a gorgeous vineyard in northern Italy, we supply everything you need to get going, crockery, cooking utensils, TV and DVD are all included, sat nav, tables and chairs are available for a small charge.

When Hiring a Motorhome we give you a thorough briefing of how everything works and will be on hand via the phone throughout the hire period to assist you if you need us, So if you fancy fun packed adventure instead this year, do not fancy packing everything you need in to one suitcase to get it on the plane, you wouldn’t mind avoiding the long queues at airports not to mention the delays or even cancellation then seriously consider Hiring a motorhome for your holiday holiday and the freedom on offer, see our range of motorhomes https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/motorhome.  

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