Responsible wild camping

Responsible wild camping

by Scottish Tourer November 26, 2014

Disposing of black waste (pee and poo)

This must should be disposed of responsibly, it MUST end up in a sewer.  Some wildcampers find manhole covers and are quite happy to dump waste there.  This is irresponsible, only use manholes that you know for certain lead to a sewer.  Many manholes are not for sewers and contaminating them is unacceptable.
Some bury waste, and this may be the only option in a true wilderness, waste that has no added chemicals buried at least 18/24 inches deep will compost and harm no one.  Years ago persons could dig a latrine in a wooded training area, a large communal toilet this was then used by many men for days on end, once filled back in you would never know it was there, and on subsequent visits a year or so later a latrine could be dug in the same area and there would be no evidence of last years evacuations, just a lush compost.  However if you bury waste you must be sure that you are not contaminating a water course.

Wild camping by the loch

When some are away from a main sewer for a while there are those who resort to peeing outside and pooing into plastic bags,  stretching the bag over the rim of the loo, this bag will also hold the paper wipes then securely sealed it’s stored in an outside locker for later disposal.  Personally I am never that far away from a sewer and would rather not carry around man size equivalents of a Doggy Doo bag!
Emptying in Public Toilets, this is OK,  but if you are emptying while someone is in the next cubicle then expect them to be horrified as they hear 3 gallons plop into the bowl.  When wild camping motorhome a lot we used to carry a old rucksack that would take a full cassette, this we could carry into public toilets and empty.  Splashes were sometimes inevitable so in one of the side pockets was small spray bottle of disinfectant and some loo roll to clean up.
Wild Camping Motorhome & Saving on Electricity
In the summer for occasional wild camping you can get by for a few days on just a single battery and no hook up. Most regular wild campers will be well geared up to go for long periods without a hook up. They may have a combination of extra batteries, solar panels, and generators. They will have   procedures in place to keep their use of electricity to the bare minimum.  Aware that a motorhome without power is no better than a good quality tent!  If you wild camp a lot you can spend a lot of money on portable power, today’s technology is such that as long as you have money, you can stay off grid indefinitely.

morning view from your wild camp spot


Wild Camping Motorhome and Alcohol
when wild camping you should consider that you might be asked at any time to “move on” by the landowner or even the police. for this reason, you should always be fit to drive when camping in a public place.
In the UK and some European countries there is a “drunk in Charge” law which means that you commit an offence just by being in charge of a vehicle when over the driving limit. If you were charged with this offence, then you would have to prove that your intentions were to sleep and not drive.
One would hope that a Police Officer would use common-sense when seeing you in your pyjamas and realise you have no intention of driving. However common-sense seems to be less common these days, so the advice has to be, do not drink too much and wild camp.

Motorhome wildcamping – the backlash
While there are those individuals that campaign tirelessly on our behalf; who write letter after letter to local authorities informing them of the benefits that a visitor in a motorhome can bring.  However there is no doubt that a few selfish motorhomers are shouting louder and ruining some locations for the majority.
These selfish few can often be seen parking in the same spot for days on end with rubbish bags stuffed under the motorhome, generators running and deck chairs out. This behaviour angers locals who wonder among other things where these long termers are dumping their more toxic waste!
Campers get reported for more spurious reasons that might include noise or ruining views.  The end result is almost always the same; a sign is erected stipulating “No Sleeping” or “No Overnight Camping”  It’s only a matter of time till almost every beauty spot has one of these signs.

Image result for no wild camping signs

Wild camping is fantastic. It can mean that yours are the only footsteps from a beach. Imagine how nice that cup of tea tastes when you are the only person seeing the early morning mist on a lake and the only sound is birdsong. It is not dangerous and with the application of the common sense tips above, wild camping motorhome  is no more dangerous than living in the country.

Wildcamping it’s what motorhomes are for give it a go, there is nothing quite like it.

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