Tips On A Motorhome Holiday In Scotland

Tips On A Motorhome Holiday In Scotland

by Scottish Tourer December 14, 2014

If you’re planning an upcoming camping holiday, you should consider motorhome hire / rental in Scotland as an economical and adventurous travel option. Campervan and Motorhome holidays are a great way to experience the natural beauty that Scotland has to offer, while still enjoying creature comforts of the indoors like cooking amenities and a satisfying night’s sleep.

Motorhomes eliminate concerns like camping in bad weather and finding running water, and you don’t have to worry about packing light! There’s no better way to take in the Scotlands stunning scenery, and if you’re not yet sure where you’d like to go, start by looking up the visit Scotland website for the most comprehensive guides to Scotlands national parks, and a host places to visit in motorhome your hire / rental, plus the permits you may need to prior to your visit.


motorhome parked outside Huntingtower castle

A little planning can help your holiday be worry free, and prepare you for unforeseen situations that may arise. If you are unaccustomed to the workings of your hire / rental motorhome, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to perform basic maintenance functions such as checking fluid levels, vehicle weight and tire pressure. Also, be sure to measure the height of the vehicle so that you know what structures might be too low for your motor home to pass through.

Make a checklist of the things that need to be done before you leave, such as making arrangements for your pets, asking someone to pick up your mail and newspapers, and paying bills that may become due in your absence. Make sure that you have all pertinent identification documentation like passports and driver’s licenses for yourself and everyone in your party, and load up on plenty of maps and road guides. In addition, make an itinerary and give it to someone at home in case you need to be located while on the road.

It’s a good idea to learn about indigenous wildlife and vegetation in Scotland to ensure that your natural encounters are safe and responsible. Guidelines for how to treat animals and local plants may also be posted around parks and camp sites. Avoid feeding animals, and when you leave a camping site make sure that all rubbish is disposed of.


sharing a wild camp spot with the local wildlife

Plan for different kinds of weather Scotland is notorious for changes in weather. Pack some extra books and games, and rainy evenings can turn into fun game nights spent in your hire / rental Motorhome. Appropriate sun protection is a must, so make sure to bring plenty of sunblock, hats and protective clothing.

These are just a few tips for preparing for a motorhome camping trip in Scotland, and much more information is readily available online. On the Scottish tourer website you can find great free guides with motorhome hire / rental tips including many useful preparation checklists. With a little research and planning, this trip will be the best holiday yet for you and your family.

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