Touring Scotland with a motorhome in search for native Scottish wildlife

Touring Scotland with a motorhome in search for native Scottish wildlife

by Scottish Tourer September 10, 2020

Scotland is famous for many things such as whisky and there castles but their wildlife is not to be underestimated. Why not choose a motorohme to allow to to get the best opportunity possible of catching a glimpse of our red squirrils or wild cat.  The luxury of having your motorhome for touring, means you have a greater chance of finding some of the native wildlife in Scotland and you can sit back and watch it from the comfort of your own lounge with a cup of tea. If you have children on board with you why not have an animal treasure trail and tick them off as you see and find them. 

What Animals can be found?

We have complied a list of some native Scottish animals that may be found whilst on your trip. Baring in mind that Scotland is home to over 90000 species. Visit for lots of information.  This will of course depend on where you choose to spend your holiday as not all of these will be seen by simply sticking to the path.

  • If its survival from extinction you are interested in look no further than the pine marten. They came very close to extinction in the 19th century but they frequent Scotland once more. They are exceptionally good at tree climbing and are distinct in appearance. Almost a cross between a teddy, fox, cat and a mouse. If you are set to find one a wildlife tour may be the best option. 

Wildife tour with scottish Motorhome hire

  • If finding a needle in a haystack is more your thing, look out for the well renowned Red Squirrel. If you plan to visit the Scottish Highlands you have more chance of spotting one of these little treasures. Red squirrels are smaller than their grey counterparts and have an abundance of energy. A sure sign a red squirrel is near are the chewed up pinecones and rustling of leaves. If you are visiting landmark they have a red squirrel trail.

red squirrel watching with scottish tourer

  • The badger, perhaps one of the more distinctive creatures to be found in Scotland. They have a monochrome striped face and believe it or not can be found in many parts of Scotland with exception to the islands. Badgers find home in burrow systems and they tend to live in groups. They live mainly on earthworms, fruits and small mammals. You will have a better chance of spotting a badger in the summer months as the young are born in January and February and reside underground the spring. 
  • So much more than a rabbit the mountain hare is a noble proud creature. They love to be amongst the heather with their large ears, feet and wise eyes. They vary in colour from white with blue, grey to a duty brown. These gems can be found in the moors, cairngorms, and the Scottish uplands. 
  • Visiting Orkney? Try and catch glimpse of a native vole.  They are easier to spot being double the size of a field vole. They are spotted during the day which makes them often an easy target for other hunters. They again are easier to spot in the summer as they reside underground to survive the harsh winter months. 
  • Hunt for the elusive wildcat, they do not like any human contact and are therefore very difficult to get a sight of. Mostly grey in appearance with seven black bands and a bushy tail. They are much larger than a domesticated cat although have been known to breed with them. 

Scottish Hiughland wild cat

  • Monarch of the glen, the red deer. Sized much the same as a pony they are the UK’s largest land mammals. They are a magnificent sight especially the stags with their forked antlers. They can be found all over the hills around Scoland. 
  • Delve into the water and see a grey seal. These are one animal you may catch a glimpse of whilst on a train as they are often close to the coast. Take a walk along the coast and embrace there beauty and colonies. 

Scottish seal

  • Big and brave, the Minke Whale are fantastic sea mammals, they can reach a length of  metres. You would think they would be easy to spot being so big, but they can disappear in a matter of seconds so keep your eyes peeled. Take a boat trip and discover the beauty of Scotland off the shore. 
  • Spotting an adder may be easier than you thought. They can often be found basking on a log in the summer months. They hunt small mammals and lizards. Adders are a protected species under the Wildlife and countryside act 1981 and are classed as a priority species. They are Scotlands only venomous snake, although painful generally do not cause any major harm to a healthy adult. 

What better way to explore? 

Than is a scottish tourer motorohme where you can delve into the countryside and explore for yourself before returning to your own warm and quiet little sanctuary, with everything on board you can sit back and watch out the window with a cup of tea.

Scottish Tourer

Fill your boots with the most amazing sights, fact finding and memories, like the family below did when a wild deer came to eat out there hands. Then slip into the comfort of your mobile 5 star accommodation. You need not worry about leaving home comforts behind with us. We ensure all our motorhomes are as like a home from home, rest assured you will be spoiled in Scotland both in and out of your motorhome.

Scottish Tourer Customer with a dear


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