Geocaching in a campervan while touring Scotland

Geocaching in a campervan while touring Scotland

by Scottish Tourer November 25, 2020

Perhaps not well known but this is hugely popular, especially in Perthshire of Scotland. Geocaching is in simple terms a treasure hunt. You go out and you try and find hidden containers (caches) using a GPS system. Then you share your experiences online . The size of the hidden treasures can vary from being tiny to large, many contain coins, badges, keyrings and letters. To put it into scale there are over 2 million geocaches around the world. Thinking in perspective of how small Perthshire is – it has over 1000 to find. 

Why is it so popular? 

Geocaching started around 17 years ago and at the last count had approximately 6 million geocachers around the world. Perthshire itself has become more popular with people visiting due to the number of geocaches located in the area. It appeals to the outdoor personality as you can incorporate woodland walks, beautiful landscapes and views all while you search. Children can get involved to because who doesn’t love a picnic in the woods or on a hill while searching for treasure! 

Collectors items 

The Geocoin has become something of a symbol with the caching community. These are extremely popular and sought after. You can gain a coin by completing certain geocaching along your trip. These can then be swapped in caches. You can register and gain a basic membership for free which is a bonus in case you decide this isn’t your new hobby. 

Campervan interior

Why not hire a campervan?

A campervan allows you the flexibility to stay where you want for as long as you want without being tied to hotel or B&B reservations if you were to take the car.  The campervan comes with everything equipped to allow you a stress free holiday while you go in search for geocashes.  

Start in Perth 
Pick up your campervan from Scottish Tourer and take a short trip towards Kinnoull Hill. Here has become extremely popular for all ages as it is easily accessible and the routes can be managed by children. There is a woodland safari here and there are caches hidden within this area of the sculptures. If you require a wheelchair or buggy friendly route you wont be left out. 

Kinnoul Hill

Head to Pitlochry along the A9. Here you will not only find plenty of caches to tick off your list but also the outstanding views from the Queens View. It is one of the most famous viewpoints in Scotland and all a stones through away from Scottish Tourer. Contrary to the name this viewpoint was commemorated for Queen Isabella who was the wife of Robert the Bruce. You can access the visitors centre where you will find plenty of fascinating facts and enjoy some local cakes and your favourite tea or coffee.

Moving into Faskally woods you will enjoy the magnificent trees, and follow the path round the Loch. The woods are beautiful in all seasons however particularly popular is the enchanted forest which resides here every October. Be sure to book tickets for this event early as they are very popular and sell out very quickly.

View of loch Faskally

Head to Loch Rannoch over 30 caches are located around the Clan Trail. They are spread from around the loch, woods and on the south side of Loch Rannoch at Carie. Remember to sign the logbook and then return it for the next explorers. You are welcome to take a trinket as long as you leave another in its place as an exchange, please don’t leave food as it will go off inside the box. Then go online and remember to log in that you’ve found your cache.

Follow our west Coast route

As you head up our west coast route you will find caches located in almost every location. If you are stopping to find caches use our wonderful wild camping map and make this adventure extra special. The bonus of the motorhome and geocaching is – its inexpensive – simple – fun! Its an activity everyone can get involved in. Spending lots of time negotiating clues and maps and then the reward of each one you find. Be sure to pack a camera to take plenty of snaps to remember your geocaching trips in Scotland.

If you are nervous about doing this on your own head towards Rosshire where you will find a company called Fairburn Activity. They will guide you through your treasure hunt, here and like many others you fill in the logbook and return it. There are also often containers will trinkets for exchange for the next cachers to come along. This activity centre is set in 80 acres so you will have plenty of space to explore and notch up a few caches In the process. 
Motorhome Hire

You are not restricted to Geocaching alone the bonus of this fun activity is that you will often be in the places already. Whether that’s visiting the distilleries of Scotland , beaches, local country parks and of course the many woodlands located up and down the length of the country. 

If you plan to stop via Edinburgh on the way to Scottish Tourer you will find many a cache located in the centre. The Royal Mile is a very popular spot to find a cache so keep your eyes peeled. You can visit the castle and Arthurs seat and may just happen to tick another few off your list all while absorbing the history of Scotland along the way. 

What to bring?

The motorhome is fully equipped with everything you need so all you need is your clothing.  As usual be aware of the unpredictable weather in Scotland and dress appropriately for the season. Take a wee (small) sandwich box with a logbook so you can keep track of your own finds, pen and a few wee trinkets in order to exchange along the way. Remember to have your geocache locations looked up before you set off. Ensure your GPS is available and set up on your phone, nothing worse than setting off and realising you have no data available. And most importantly remember to have fun! 

Beach view

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