Some Top Tips for a Motorhome Trip to the Beach 

Some Top Tips for a Motorhome Trip to the Beach 

by Scottish Tourer August 11, 2021

We all love a beach and even more so when we are on holiday. A Scottish Tourer motorhome provides you with a fantastic base and also the ability to travel to lots of different places. Over the years we have realised some things that make life easier in the motorhome and others can make it more challenging.

Some top tips for a trip to the beach might be useful to some of our newer customers. 

  • Sand, sand, sand of course there is no simple way to avoid this as it will get everywhere. But we have found some useful tips to keep the sand getting into the nooks of the motorhome help ease everyone’s stress levels.
  • A towel or a rug located just outside the motorhome can help it from getting tracked in. Encouraging everyone to stand on the rug and shake off all the sand possible or even better still changing before they come into the motorhome!
  • A tub or a small basin to wash the sand off everyone’s feet or a bottle of water. It really makes life easier if you can eradicate as much sand as possible before going inside. 
  • A camping washing line was a lifesaver this year we then hung all the damp sandy towels up and they can along with the swimming costume be shaken once dry and popped in a bag in the garage to try and minimise the mess in the living area. No one needs a sandy breakfast the day after the beach. 
  • Protecting yourself we can often forget that the summers in Scotland can easily burn us and especially when we are not used to the heat. Packing sun cream, a hat and rash vests which has SPF for the kids are an essential. No one needs sunburn to spoil their holiday. Its easy to forget how hot it is when the cool breeze from the sea is upon you. 

Being prepared, taking everything you need to the beach to avoid going in and out of the motorhome again reduces the sand and mess that you trail in with you. It means less clearing up for the designated person for the sweeping brush. We do find a quick sweep everyday helps to keep the motorhome clean and tidy. 

Clear up and take rubbish home with you - leave nothing but your footprints and take only memories. 

A few very simple tips to make your life easy and simple. Just how a holiday should be. We do provide BBQS chairs and a table so you are well on your way to enjoy your time at the beach. Book a motorhome and campervan with Scottish Tourer here. 

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