Longing For A Loch To Visit

Longing For A Loch To Visit

by Scottish Tourer November 02, 2021

Longing For A Loch To Visit?

Sitting by the waters edge, listening to the gentle splash of the water, the birds flying nearby, the trees swaying in the wind, the tranquillity, peace and nature. All wrapped up in one simple environment that Scotland has to offer in abundance.  The renowned Lochs of Scotland will not disappoint wherever you choose to go. No matter which route you choose with Scottish Tourer you will be able to visit several of our outstanding Lochs, with over 30000 lochs and lochans to choose from you wont miss them! Each has its own history, story, animals and of course heritage.

What better place to camp for the night than beside one of these, opening your door to nature right on your doorstep. You wont be searching for that fresh air or peaceful mornings like you would if you were staying in a busy hotel. Use our wild camping map and set yourself up for the duration of your stay.  

Top Lochs of Scotland 


  • Glen Affric really is like stepping into a magical wonderland with the glistening waters, moorland filled with animals and the seemingly never ending wood trails. Here you will find one of the largest Caledonia Pine Woods in Scotland. There is no best time of the year to come and visit here just be prepared for the artic chill of the autumn and winter as the winds can pick up. There are plenty of car parks here on the nature reserve and you can visit both Loch Affric and Loch Beinn a Mheadhain. Keep your eyes peeled for the otters, osprey and the magnificent golden eagle. 


  • Loch Coruisk can be found upon the Isle of Skye. This loch and its quite frankly incredible panoramic views are worth the drive to Skye alone. Not surprisingly these views are popular with local artists and photographers. Those who are steeped in Scottish Literature will recognise this as the haunting images portrayed by the one and only Sir Walter Scott in Loch Corriskin. There is a lovely boat trip which runs from here if you find yourself wanting more than a few hours here it’s worth the extra time. 



  • Loch Etive is probably best known as it causes the second largest tidal race. Known as the Falls to Lora, this is something to behold and not to be missed. The imposing mountains that tower over the water give the most breath taking views.  You may even be lucky enough to spot some seals here if you keep your eyes peeled. If wildlife is your ideal day out then you can tackle the trip along the Highland route which runs the entire length of the Loch. 
  • Loch Tummel, just up the road from Scottish Tourer you will reach Loch Tummel.  This is a narrow Loch in comparison to many of its counterparts but it is a beautiful part of the countryside.  To gain the very best view of this loch and its beauty you need to don those walking shoes and climb to the Queens View which will give you the best viewpoint. From this view you can see the peak of Schiehallion. 

  • Loch Katrine take us back to Sir Walter Scott as the historic steamships names after him still transfer passengers from the Trossachs pier. AT times this Loch can appear quite haunting when the water is covered in a light white mist. The word Katrine comes from the Gaelic language and means highland robber! This name came from the famous outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor who was born on the North Shore. This is where Sir Walter Scotts Lady of the Lake was created from. 


  • Loch Maree is less known and can be found in the secluded Highlands of Scotland. There are 5 larger islands and then over 60 smaller ones located here which is really quite remarkable within itself. Steeped in myth and magic this loch was once believed to hold curable powers, such like that people could be cured of lunacy if they submerged in the waters here. There are also reports of an eel like monster. 


  • Loch Leven located in Fife is home to the largest number of breeding ducks than anywhere else in Europe. This is the largest shallow water Loch in Britain. There are an array of wildlife including Otters. Kingfishers, wildfowl and of course ducks. There is a wonderful cycle or walking path round the Loch, it is mainly level and is suitable for runners, walker and cyclists, and at 13 miles you will work up a lovely appetite to pop into the larder to restock your supplies. Owned by a wonderful local couple the Nivens you will be delighted with the fresh produce and shop here. 


The small selection of Lochs here just shows you the array of waters Scotland has to offer. Whether you want to view from the road or delve into the depths of the countryside there will always be something for you here. Scottish Tourer are pleased to offer you any advice of where to avoid and recommendations for wild camping in and around these Lochs. We provide a sat nav free of charge with all our wild camp spots loaded in. You will not be lacking any sort of comfort with all the facilities on board including a full working kitchen, memory foam beds and a TV. Enjoy the peace off the beaten track and embrace Scotland as its meant to be known, Wild and Free. Please head over to our main website to look at the motorhomes we have to hire in 2021 www.scottishtourer.co.uk 

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