Top Storage Hacks

Top Storage Hacks

by Scottish Tourer November 30, 2021

Top Storage Hacks 
As we have now waved off our 2021 motorhomes to their new owners here at Scottish Tourer, we thought sharing some top tips for storage in a motorhome. This may be beneficial to those who are a new owner, or those looking to become an owner of a Scottish tourer motorhome. These tips are great for anyone who lives in a motorhome, holidays, or long-term travelling. As you know space is limited and no one wants to be falling over stuff and things falling out of every cupboard you open. It becomes frustrating, time-consuming finding things and things often end up smashed. There is nothing worse than setting off and cupboards being left open and things falling out on the move. 
For longer term trips storing clothes can be the first hurdle. There are spaces to store clothes, yes but not a huge amount. So, to be clever about this here are a few simple hacks. 

  • Shoes are a pain, especially if they slide under things. We take a small plastic tub and place the shoes in there. We also do try and limit the number of shoes we take and try and be practical most often than fashionable. This way the tub can be placed under the bed or in the garage out of the way when you are trying to chill out in the evenings. The downside to these is that they often catch all the sand, stones, and dirt but this is also a pro as it makes it easy to tip and give a clean out. 
  • Shoe organisers, the ones you get in Ikea are great. They don’t necessarily have to be used to store shoes, but we find if you store socks, underwear and even waterproofs for easy reach. It means you use the whole length of any long cupboards and don’t waste space. Its handy to as each section can have a different item or be a different person and keep things neat and tidy. 
  • Space saving coat hangers are the work of an utter genius. These are so handy if you like to have things hung up and neatly especially if you’ve ironed them prior to going. They utilise your space to the maximum and limit the amount you must fold and find a home for. 

picture of the rear fixed bed in a Scottish tourer motorhome

  • I guess the most important tip here for clothes is to really prioritise what you will and won’t wear, pack in outfits rather than bundling a whole heap of random items in and then you won’t spend time pulling everything out to match an outfit every morning. 

The Bathroom is next up how many of us have a bathroom cupboard that hoards stuff we never use? Well with these hacks you might just limit the amount you have in your possession from now on. 

  • Although our motorhomes come with a small bathroom cabinet. This doesn’t hold a huge amount if you are away for a prolonged period. A sucker holder can be useful however consider a few things before installing. You must ensure that the self-adhesive will hold whilst you are driving. There is nothing worse than something falling whilst you are on the move and potentially cracking your shower cubicle. I do love an organised bathroom. Again, less is more, try and minimise what you take and remember you can always buy en-route if you run out you don’t have to take a year’s supply of toiletries. 

a picture of the toilet/shower room in a Scottish tourer motorhome

The kitchen is small, but we like to say perfect. We have already popped in the dish cradles in the cupboards as it holds the plates in place and ensures there is slightly more space available for other bits. 

  • When customers ask us what we recommend for the kitchen area, anything that takes up little space is the usual answer. So nesting bowls are a saviour as they all sit neatly in one another. You get fab ones from TKMAXX that also have a draining in with the bowls to meaning you have everything all together. 
  • Pots that all slots together make life so much easier you don’t have to worry so much about space and if you pop a bit of kitchen roll in between them they don’t rattle to much when you drive. 
  • Nonslip matting is an absolute essential in any motorhome. It stops any wayward cups, utensils going astray and helps to keep everything neat, tidy, and clean. The mats also help reduce the rattling from the drawers and cupboards. 
  • Anything that folds or collapses is ideal as it takes less space up however sometimes they can be harder to clean. 

picture of the kitchen in a Scottish tourer motorhome

Think about what you really need and then think again. It is surprising how little you need with you and how little you use other things you are forever packing to go with just encase. Is all about a bit of common sense to, i.e we once seen a spice rack in the cupboard by the bed, no one wants to accidently end up with chilli powder on their pillow!

When things are neat and tidy, and everything has its own space it also makes cleaning so much easier and most importantly it means you can truly enjoy your time away. 
Always recheck your cupboards and the fridge are properly shut before setting off. It won’t be the first time we have set off with a perfectly organised fridge for the door to come open on a corner and the whole lot launched on the floor. Try to avoid putting heavy objects in overhead lockers and if you do ensure everyone knows that it’s there. Everything moves when you drive, and you don’t want to start the holiday with concussion. 


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