5 Lighthouses to Visit in Scotland 

5 Lighthouses to Visit in Scotland 

by Scottish Tourer May 07, 2022

Lighthouses are a piece of history and each is special in its own way. They are all steeped in their own history and story with no two quite the same. Set within Scotland’s stunning landscapes make them all the more special to travel to and visit. 

Lighthouses Scotland  

Southerness Lighthouse

Is found in a small village in Dumfries and Galloway. It is also the second eldest lighthouse to be found within Scotland, it opened in 1749. The shape of it is also not as standardly found which makes it even more unique.  This unlike the first is suitable for the whole family as there are lots of rock pool and a beach here to make a wonderful family day out. Be sure to pack the spades and buckets and the picnic rug.  There is free parking and public toilets located here at Southerness Point. The lighthouse itself was decommissioned in 1936. 

Covesea Lighthouse 

On the Moray Firth was finished in 1846 however the original walls were so high hat they caused vortices in the yard in strong winds and thus the walls were lowered in 1907 to prevent and reduce this from occurring. In 1984 like many other lighthouses it became automated and remotely monitored from Edinburgh. The light was extinguished in 2012 and was fitted by a lit buoy. The original lens is on display at Lossiemouth Fisheries and Community Museum. The walk up to the lighthouse is uphill and is hard going so again its more for fit adults than small children. The lighthouse here is open by appointment only and you must give 24 hours notice of visiting so please ensure you do to avoid any disappointment. The lighthouse was taken over by a community of local businesses to develop the site for tourism. 

Port Logan

On the West of Scotland is located just by the beach. Wonderful for walking along its very flat and smooth and you can usually gain access to the lighthouse but check beforehand as some rules have changed recently with covid sadly. There is usually an ice cream van located here to for some refreshments when you are here and a car park. The lighthouse here is now unused but it is still a lovely place to visit. 

Channory Lighthouse 

By the Black Isle is a popular spot for those beach lovers and for dolphin spotting. The lighthouse is literally a stones throw from where you can watch the dolphins to which makes for a lovely view. There is a car park here but it can often be busy especially in summer so we often choose to park at Fortrose and walk along. The lighthouse here opened in 1846 and is now fully automated and has been since 1984 where it is monitored from the Northern Lighthouse Boards office in Edinburgh. It is now privately owned. 

Neist Point 

Is all the way over on the West tip of Skye and has some of the very best sea views on offer. The lighthouse was first opened in 1909 and was automated in 1990 like many others in Scotland and is monitored from Edinburgh. It is worth going here to catch the sun setting or sitting watching the sunrise here. There is a walking route to get to the lighthouse however it is not a straight forward walk however and there are some unguarded edges that you really must be very careful going near. It is not a walk suitable for small children or anyone who is infirm on their feet. There is a carpark located to begin the walk from. 

Neist point lighthouse the Isle of Skye
The lighthouses of Scotland are really special, some are still in use but often now they are unused and you can gain access to them which adds to the joy of seeing them. If you see any others that you think are worth a visit please do tell us when you return from your holiday with Scottish Tourer.

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