Water sports in Scotland 

Water sports in Scotland 

by Scottish Tourer November 01, 2022

Scotland’s gives you so much to see and do but we love getting onto or into the water. With water all around us it’s no wonder most Scots love water! Whether you choose to embrace paddling, swimming or sailing it’s a great way to get close to nature. However not to put a dampener on it but be careful and ensure you have researched where you are and ensure you can swim, wear appropriate swimwear, life jackets and ensure someone knows where you are if you are alone. 


There are many options for watersports and whether that’s literally paddling around the shores, skimming stones, paddling on a canoe, paddleboard or kayak you get to see the landscape from a different perspective. I love the peacefulness of being by the water, the shimmer of the water and the way the trees reflect, there is something quite special about being on the water, seeing the wildlife such as ducks, birds and even fish. Loch Morlich near aviemore is a great stop for anyone looking to try watersports they offer the opportunity to hire equipment  https://www.lochmorlich.com/ if you don’t have your own, there is the added benefit of an overnight stop just a few miles up the hill at the Corie na ciste car park - https://www.cairngormmountain.co.uk/parking-at-.https://www.cairngormmountain.co.uk/parking-at-cairngorm/#:~:text=Coire%20na%20Ciste%20Car%20Park,for%20campervan%20and%20motorhome%20users.  

Loch Morlich kanoe trip


Scotland’s beaches involve lots of wonderful areas to explore, many of them have sheltered areas to set up a spot for the day and handy car parks where you don’t have far to travel with equipment to be able to explore. The beaches on the Outer hebrdies are just spectacular and you will sometimes forget that you are not in a foreign country, the cold water will soon remind you however that you are not abroad, but the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches are like something from the caribbean.

Bostach Beach Isle of Lewis


Sailing is often seen as elitist however there are lots of places to learn. Elie water sports is a fantastic place to try for the first time. Elie Water sports there website has lots of information and how to contact them https://www.eliewatersports.co.uk/. While you are over in Elie there are so many other water sports to try so see what your new hobby may be. Elie is also a beautiful place just to sit on the beach and watch others do it if you don’t fancy trying it yourself. There is also wild camping avalbile in the beach car park for a small fee but spaces are limited so best to get there early to avoid disappointment as you cant pre-book.

There are lots of wonderful places to cold water swim from our lochs or even more special than that is the fairy pools in Skye are a wonderful place to begin as they are still and often warmer than the sea or lochs of Scotland. 

Wild swimming at the fairy pools on the isle of skye

Water safety is paramount one of the key issues is checking the weather before you go out on any water to ensure that you are prepared and ensure you feel confident with the situation. Ensuring someone always knows you where you are or have someone with you. A phone inside a waterproof cover is ideal so if you do get into any difficulty you have the ability to phone someone as soon as possible. Be prepared for anything at always use a buoyancy vest and a wetsuit and ensure that there is someone who is a strong swimmer. 

The motorhome will ensure you have somewere safe to shower and dry off after a busy afternoon at the beach or if you have been for a swim, it makes the perfect partner for those who enjoy being more adventurous as you can go from destination to destination and enjoy what each spot has to offer.

Motorhome parked by loch side


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