Advantages of a campervan holiday in a cost-of-living Crisis.

Advantages of a campervan holiday in a cost-of-living Crisis.

by Scottish Tourer November 18, 2022

A campervan holiday does not have to cost a fortune, with the cost-of-living crisis biting! 

I can assure you; you’re in control of the budget when you are away with the campervan, and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.   Below are some of my top reasons and top tips on how to keep control of your budget that will stop you dreading coming home to look at your bank statement.


Motorhome parked up in layby with sun setting

The biggest advantage of a campervan holiday is you’re in charge of the itinerary and can choose where you want to go. You have the freedom of the open road to enjoy at your own leisure; unlike car hire and B&Bs you’re not tied to being in a certain location at a certain time.  So, if you are enjoying a location and not quite finished exploring, why not stay an extra night? Just Park the campervan up sit back and enjoy. 

You have all your own facilities on board in the campervan – comfortable bed, shower, toilet, good kitchen facilities, outdoor equipment such as picnic tables and chairs.  So, when you fancy a cup of coffee you can literally pull over somewhere safe, boil the kettle and sit outside and enjoy the location.  No need to be worrying where the next café might to buy drinks so you can all get the toilet.


Kettle boiling on stove

If you are into water sports or other outdoor activities the biggest advantage of the campervan, is you can take your own equipment with you therefore cutting the cost of equipment hire.  Plus, unlike a car when you get back from exploring you know a warm campervan awaits you, and you can enjoy a hot shower and get changed in comfort. 

You can take your own food with you which cuts down on the cost of eating out, which just now is super expensive, plus you have the advantage of knowing what you’re eating especially if you’re travelling with someone with allergies or just fussy eaters.  You don’t need to take all your food with you for the week there is plenty grocery stores to pick up fresh produce, my advice would be to think ahead and do a meal planner it will take the hassle and stress out of thinking about meals when your away. 


BBQ cooking steak      

Not all activities cost money, so do a bit of forward planning and have days where you spend very little if anything, then when you need to pay for an excursion you don’t have to worry about the cost and can enjoy the day out. 

Free days out could include: - 

  • Spending a day at the beach, enjoy a swim just don’t forget your bucket and spade. 
  • Take your bikes and follow a cycle path, we have many to choose from such as round the forest or coastal routes.  
  • Tourist attractions such as standing stones and museums are free to visit. 
  • Visit locations made famous by Hollywood films such as the Glenfinnan viaduct which you’ll recognise from the Harry Potter films or Glencoe and see if you can identify where some of the James Bond films were filmed. 
  • Some tourist attractions such as the highland folk museum and botanical gardens ask for a small donation so give what you can.  
  • We have some of the most wonderful countryside all well sign posted, so why not find a comfortable pair of shoes and venture out into the countryside for a walk? You never know what you might come across.  

Bench overlooking a coastal path

Our campervans are fully kitted out, so you are self sufficient when you are away. This means you can significantly reduce the amount you need to spend money on campsites.  Campsites cost around £25 on average per night, so if you can reduce the number of nights spent on a site (even if you chose to stay on sites at all) then you can save a significant amount of money.   I prefer to stay on a site every 3rd night so I can enjoy a long hot shower and empty my black waste and fill up with fresh water but again this is personal choice.   

We will provide you with a link to a website that will have places where you can dispose of your waste and fill up with fresh water – please note there is usually a £5-£10 charge for this service.  We can also suggest some places where you can park overnight free of charge. 

Sunsetting at the beach with motorhome in the foreground

The price we quote is the price you will pay; we have no hidden extras in the cost – your sat nav, BBQ, picnic table, crockery, pots and pans, etc. are all included in the hire price.  You have the option to add extras on to your hire including bike hire, bedding and towel hire, golf clubs hire etc.  So, when you arrive to collect the campervan, you’re not going to get stung for any extra fees.

Motorhome parked with picnic furniture sitting outside

These are some of my top tips to help you see that campervan holidays don’t need to cost a fortune and you can stay in control of your budget if you do some forward planning.  So, despite a cost-of-living crisis you and your family can still enjoy a holiday having fun, spending quality time together and creating memories that don’t cost a fortune. 

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