Etiquette for Motor homing in Scotland 

Etiquette for Motor homing in Scotland 

by Scottish Tourer February 01, 2023

So you have got your holiday booked and are now left wondering what you should know and need to know before heading out on that first exciting trip. Most of the top tips are really simple and you probably already know some of them. There is as we have said on so many occasions really no better place to explore than Scotland and all it has to offer all year round. Often our customers are first time motorhomers and this can be a daunting place to be. We are here to reassure you that things don’t have to be overcomplicated providing you follow some really simple rules if you like. 

Listen to the handover this is so simple yet it is often where we find customers get overexcited and miss information that they later need and this adds to the stress of your holiday having to phone us. We have handy recordings now of the handover to and a booklet to make life as easy as possible. However we really encourage all customers to really follow the handover as we can answer questions then and there which is often so much easier than trying to explain over the phone when we aren’t in the motorhome with you and often the phone signal can dip in rural Scotland and this can add unneeded stressors to your holiday. 

  • The height/size of the motorhome is key to keeping safe on the roads particularly if you are on rural roads in Scotland and are nervous driving a larger vehicle, you want to be sure when you see a sign your confident you will not get stuck or put you or other road users in danger. 
  • Checking what side you fuel up on is so simple yet takes a stressor out if the services are busy and you end up at the wrong pump. The motorhomes are large and aren’t as easily manoeuvred in smaller spaces, so again small things to be aware of to make your trip on the whole less stressful.
  • Knowing where and when you need to empty the toilet, fill with water and where this can be done. Chemical toilets must be emptied in a designated place. Most campsite offer this facility even if it is for a small charge. All toilets are required to be returned clean and empty understandably and our handover provides all the information required to ensure this happens. 
  • Being prepared for all eventualities Scotland has one thing that is certain and that is the changeability of the weather! You may set off on a summers day but you can have rain, sleet, wind and rainbows all in a morning. So ensuring you have routes planned encase of changing weather and road conditions along with all clothing options covered. Unfortunately this often means you need to be extra prepared but better this than trying to locate a jacket in the highlands with little to no clothes shops making it often an expensive albeit often a unique shopping experience. 

Top 5 tips - 

  • Having a route planned especially if it is a first trip can reduce your stress of trying to find a spot in the dark and on unknown roads. There are however lots of wild camp spot spaces you can choose to park at and we have all these detailed in our wild camp section and we have lots of recommendations if you let us know where you plan to travel to. It is often useful to also have a back up stop over especially if it is summer and the chances of places being busier is higher. 
  • Be considerate to others who are parked beside you. Don’t block gateways, farm access or other motorhomes, or make it hard for them to navigate out. Unless of course you discuss with them and are happy to both move and help each other out. Often this is helpful and also keeps the reputation of wild campers high as in recent times this has been in disrepute. The same goes on narrow roads if you are travelling slower to ensure you remain safe, let faster cars past you and this avoids them becoming frustrated and can in turn reduce the chance of an accident on both sides.
  • Leave nothing but footprints and this is so high up our priority list. Take all litter home with you, it wont be the first time we have helped clear an area those less respectful have been at prior to us and this ensures that others get to enjoy the same beauty as you have. 
  • Ensure any BBQ’s are not left unattended, especially in areas built up with trees and there is always wildlife nearby to. All BBQ’s should be put out prior to going to bed to ensure that the chance of wildfires is reduced and that everyone is safe, they can really start so easily and get out of control. 
  • Most important tip, Enjoy Yourself! Be prepared, be spontaneous and get yourself out there to enjoy the Scotland we all know and love. 

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