Reasons to visit scotland

Reasons to visit scotland

by Scottish Tourer March 07, 2023

So many reasons, so many places, so we thought we would compile some of the feedback from others in one place. There are so many reasons to have Scotland on your bucket list and everyone will have some to add to this list. We decided to narrow it down slightly so feel free to tell us what we have missed out on! 

  • The beaches, you really don’t have to go far from our Scottish Tourer depot to start finding some of the most incredible beaches on this earth. Monifeith is a fabulous beach for visiting with children as there is a play park and public toilets alongside a little cafe to stop and refuel. The water may be cold but you don’t have to enter the water unless you really want that cold water therapy dip. The air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and the activity is free! 

Outer hebridies Beach

  • Harry Potter Fans will be in their element in Scotland. The Glenfinnan viaduct is a must see and the train ride over is highly recommended. We have a Harry Potter blog which details many of the locations in Scotland that there has been filming taken.
  • They are not just for toffee tins, the highland cows are a must have photo opportunity. There are so many fields of them its a great hunt to see who can spot them first and get a photo. The bonus of our motorhomes is that you are never restricted and you will see so much more of the country in one.
  • Waterfalls, the noise, the history, the beauty all in one place. Our favourite has to be on the Isle of Skye alongside those stunning fairie pools. There are waterfalls all up and down the country so again like the cows they are fabulous to spot and see who wins that game. 

  • Whisky tours and samples are really a must for anyone who has not been to Scotland previously. There is always the opportunity to sample and to then buy at the end. Each distillery has a tour and they have so much history and tradition steeped in them that it is fascinating. 
  • Haggis! Of course the traditional food, this has to be sampled and is rather delicious if you get a good one, there is of course vegetarian options now that are equally as great to sample. These alongside your traditional Scottish breakfast with a tattie scone for those who have not visited before. 
  • Walking, hills, hills, hills there is one thing for sure is that there is no shortage of walking in Scotland. There’s lots of flatter options but many choose to descend onto the hills and there is nothing better than the fresh air, exercise and the views you are rewarded with are outstanding. 

Hill walking scenry

  • Caerlaverock Castle is a unique and special castle, it is the only in the UK that is triangle! It even has a small moat which really does make it look like a fairytale. Located in Dumfries it is an outstanding example of a medieval stronghold. The castle itself has been part in the film The Decoy Bride.
  • Lighthouses are a staple of Scotland and there are so many, although many are no longer in use in the original sense however they each have a story behind them and they are really worth a visit whilst in Scotland.
  • Lochs are really special the tranquillity of the water is one of the best parts, they bring about a sense of peace and the wildlife that you can see here are just beautiful. We often like to sit by the water and have dinner outside and the noises really pose the perfect backdrop for a bit of mindfulness. 

Motorhome parked by lochside

There are lots of other reasons to visit Scotland and this is really a very small snapshot of where you could look to start planning your trip here. We are happy to help all customers new and experienced and if you have something in particular you want to see or do please approach us as we have so many different options available to everyone to make the very best out of their trip here. 

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