Storytelling In Scotland

Storytelling In Scotland

by Scottish Tourer November 19, 2023

As children we all embraced in stories and the joy that they brought to us. As adults we somewhat often loose that ability to loose ourselves in a story and the beauty that arises from it. However within Scotland you can allow yourself to summon your inner child, spark that imagination and truly immerse yourself into the world of make believe. How do you do this? Simply loose yourself in Scotland in some of the most magical places. 

Dunnottar House is home to a beautiful woodland. Within this wood are stories from the Kennedy family who once resided here, this allows you to embark on the history and the nature located within this wood. If you choose to come in Autumn which is when we went, the crunch of the leaves and the changing colours make it a fantastic walk for tramping through the woods and enjoying the noise of your feet on the forest floor. The walk itself is around 2 miles in length and although firm has some steeper sections along with tree roots and if there has been heavy rain it can be muddy so wearing walking boots is recommended. Here you can explore Shell House which is located down some small steps and it is a domed building, inside the walls are decorated with shells and like the bath is said to have been built on the instruction of Lady Kennedy .Lady Kennedy’s Bath which is said to be bathing place of the lairds wife and Gallows Hill. There are however many stories and different tales to be told regarding all the unique findings here, why not make up your own and see who’s is the most accurate and believable. for more information visitr the Forestry Scot;land website

Lady Kennednysa bath at dunnoter woods
Weem is a hidden treasure located in Scotland. Here the wood provides a backdrop for Castle Menzies, The Menzies were supporter of Robert the Bruce and they helped shape the forests surrounding Perthshire. David Menzies left to live as a hermit in the 1400s in a cave in the forest. Here there are lots of stories surrounding enchanters who captured maidens and there are sculptures hidden along the trail which help to recall these stories. The walk itself is on uneven ground and has some rocky and narrow sections, it is not suitable for very young children or those infirm on their feet, the path is around 1 mile long but is strenuous. 
Puck’s Glen in Cowal is truly magical here there are outstanding waterfalls and rocky gorges to marvels at along with the towering trees. See if you can spot the mystical Ghillie Dhu on your travels. Here there are said to live mischievous sprites. Named after those in a Shakespheres A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is rumoured to be spotted in the balls of sunshine so keep your eyes peeled. This again is a hard walk although under 2 miles it is hard under foot with rocky and steep slopes which can be slippy after any rain. Again not suitable for young children or those infirm on their feet.  Not far from here you can also visit the Benmore Botanic Gardens which is spread over 120 acres of mountainside, here there is a famous collection of plants and budding botanists can really engulf in the beauty here. Not only are the plants here remarkable but you may even manage to get up close to red squirrels and potentially even a golden eagle! 

Puck's Glen, Near Dunoon – Forests & Woodlands | VisitScotland
Most of Scotland’s forests are magical. In themselves they are a wonder and the stories that can be hidden in them add to that magic. If your an avid Shakesphere fan or a dreamer, both alike can enjoy each and every forest and walk within Scotland. Each tells a story and it can be a source of talk into the evenings spent under the awnings watching the stars. 

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