Thinking of Hiring or Buying a motorhome

Thinking of Hiring or Buying a motorhome

by Scottish Tourer October 24, 2011

Regardless of if  you are hiring a motorhome for a weekend break or thinking about buying your own motorhome, there are some things you should think about. 

You need to be happy and comfortable with the size of the motorhome you are driving. If you intend to be in your motorhome for more than just sleeping and the odd meal,  you need to make sure that the living and sleeping space is not too cramped for the number of people sharing the precious space.

Wild camp spot with picnic equipment and awning out

Wild camp spot with picnic equipment with awning out

Here are a couple of points you should think about:

  • How comfortable are you when you are sleeping? For example.. you need to consider whether you will be comfortable with an overcab bed, beds that require to be made up or beds built up all the time
  • Small motorhomes will have only limited storage space; not so good if you plan to take your motorhome away for lengthy periods so think about how ong you will be away and what your hobbies are bearing in mind if you enjoy hiking bookts and jackets take up alot of space.
  • The level of equipment provided in hire / rental motorhomes varies massively and it really is just down to personal preference. Some people will prefer to pitch at sites that have excellent facilities including a restaurant and shower facilities, while others will crave the freedom of wild camping and being totally self sufficient, so consider how well equipped your motorhome is for wild camping.
  • Most modern motorhomes come with a high level of home comforts, so there’s no need to rough it at all. Having an oven, fridge, television, sound system, shower, toilet, blown-air heating and fitted fresh and waste water tanks are all standard features in the modern motorhome.
  • A large vehicle might be intimidating for some drivers. In some areas of Britain country lanes can be extremely narrow and may be very difficult for motorhomes. So do think about the kind of roads you are intending to drive on.
  • Kitchen facilities if you intend to do alot of the cooking in the motorohme you will need to consider what storage there is for food and the space avalile to cook and prep the meals.
  • The motorhome you choose is compatible with your driving licene drivers who passed there test can only drive vechiles with a max weight of 3500kg.


Bedroom in the Bessacarr

Bedroom in the Bessacarr

When planning you next motorhome haoliday bear some of the points above in mind to be sure you proirtise what suits your family needs pleaas check out our range of vechiles at -

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