Motorhome Layouts- help to getting it right

Motorhome Layouts- help to getting it right

by Scottish Tourer January 07, 2018

There is such a wide variety of motorhome layouts to choose from and getting the one that best suits your needs is important.  Here are some of our suggestions to consider whilst trying to choose the layout that best suit you. .

Know about Size of the motorhome and Your Limitations.

  • Check your driving licence to find out what weight of vehicle you can legally drive. Furthermore  consider where to you intended to keep the motorhome and does it fit in your drive?.
  • Also consider hat size of motorhome do you feel most comfortable driving therefore you will not tire so quickly.

Swift Bessacarr Motorhome

Swift Bessacar Motorhome

Consider the uses of the motorhome - Motorhome Layouts

  • How many people are likely to be away in the motorhome.
  • do you intend to use if for long trips at home and/or abroad.
  • will friends and family be using it to stay in with you or likely to visit you.
  • Do you require garage space and how much as this will impact the internal layout.

Skye motorhome  layouts

Skye motorhome layout -

Consider sleeping arrangments - Motorhome Layouts.

  • Motorhomes with fixed beds tend to be the most comfortable for sleeping and your bed is always made up and ready to go.
  • overcab beds will have restricted headroom and you will need to consider using a ladder to gain access.
  • beds that need made up at night will impact on your evening and morning routines and take up storage space for bulky bedding.
  • consider ease of getting up through the night i.e do you have to climb over your partner.

Bessacar motorhome bedroom

Bessacar  Motorhome Bedroom

The Bathroom - Motorhome Layouts

  • Consider stand alone shower over a wet room
  • Ensuring there is enough space to stand and shower easily
  • Think about getting dried and dressed
  • Think about storage for toiletries and towels

The Kitchen and its facilities.

  • Consider and maybe think about how you would use the kitchen area and does it match your up to your expectations.
  • Have you got all the appliances you require, oven/fridge/microwave.
  • Consider if there enough space to prepare and serve food.
  • Also check if there adequate storage space.

Besscarr layout

Motorhome Lounge area

Your Lounge area and how this will best work for you -

  • Does the lounge have ability to sit round the table for meals or boards games and will the table double up to make a bed. Also consider if is it comfortable to relax in and will the chairs still swivel  round.

Knowing the answer to the above questions will help you make an informed choice to which motorhome you can realistically manage. Thinking about how you intend on using  the motorhome and your expectations of living in it will help you in choosing the motorhome that will suit your needs and provide you with that home from home experience. From ,  

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