Advice on collecting your hire motorhome

Advice on collecting your hire motorhome

by Scottish Tourer February 23, 2018

We appreciate a lot of planing and preparation before collecting your hire motorhome will have gone into your motorhome holiday and you will be keen to get going. When you come to collect your motorhome try and be patient and listen to the advice on offer and dont forget to ask questions.  We recommend you need to allow at least an hour for the rental company to go through how everything works inside the motorhome.

Before you collect the motorhome ensure -

  1. You have your drivers license with you
  2. The DVLA summary (remember its only valid for 21 days so check its in date)
  3. Proof of your address
  4. A method of paying damage deposit

Failure to have the correct documentation as stipulated by the rental company could result in you not being allowed to hire the motrohome and loss of your full rental fee.

collecting your hire motorhome

Don't forget your drivers licence .  

Inside the motorhome

There is a lot of information to take in but good rental company's should make time to show you where everything is kept and how to use the appliances on board.  Don't be frightened to ask questions.  Make sure you understand and feel confident with everything before you leave the depot.  Don't forget to ask if there is someone who you can telephone should you need support.

collecting your hire motorhome

Double check how everything works

Things you need to know about before you leave with the motorhome-

  1. Where the gas cupboard is and know how to change the gas bottles or how to top up if its an LPG system
  2. If its a diesel or petrol engine remember and which side the tank is on .
  3. Where to top up with fresh water and be sure not to mix up fresh water and Diesel.
  4. How to empty the chemical toilet and where to find spare toilet chemical.
  5. Where to connect the motorhome to mains electric.

Before collecting your hire motorhome, Double check -

  1. You have roadside assistance and what you do in the event of a breakdown or an accident.
  2. If there is a tool box on board for anything that might need secured.
  3. The height of the motorhome just encase you come across any low bridges.
  4. You understand how to use the control panel for putting on heating and hot water and checking power levels.

Check for damages inside and outside the motorhome-

Before collecting your hire Motorhome ,Make sure you walk round the vehicle and inspect it for any damages and ensure they are marked down on your damages sheet to avoid any issues when you come to return the vehicle, don't forget the inside of the motorhome .  


When you return the motorhome, most companies like -

  1. A full tank fuel when you return it.
  2. The appliance's and bathroom to be clean on return.
  3. The LPG gas bottles topped up.
  4. Chemical toilet to be empty and fully rinsed with no debris present.

Most importantly read your rental contract.  If your unhappy speak with the rental company before you leave the depot with the motorhome.

collecting your hire motorhome

Enjoy the motorhome and the freedom it offers    

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