Difference between Campervan and Motorhome

Difference between Campervan and Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer March 05, 2018

Difference between campervan and motorhome. At Scottish Tourer we refer to all of our hire vehicles as Motorhomes. Although many of our customers refer to our vehicles as campervans. In this article we  point out the differences between these two types of vehicle. The adavantages of a motorhome compared to a campervan. 

1/ A motorhome is usually a larger vehicle so has more living space. Also this extra space allows for the fitment of more  luxuries such as large  separate toilet  and shower rooms , walk round bed, rear garage for storage of bikes or even scooters.

2/ A motorhome also normally as larger water and waste tanks along with large battery systems and solar panels for charging the batteries. Therefore allowing a Motorhome to free or  camp wild for longer periods when compared to a campervan. The adavantage of a campervan when compared to a motorhome.

1/ A camper-van can be used for daily use as a second vehicle as they are normally small enough to park at supermarkets and shops. Camper-vans are shorter so are easier to manoeuvre on narrow roads especially highland roads which can often be very narrow. Therefore making it more user friendly for daily use.

2/ A campervan is depending on the specification is usually less expensive to purchase when compared to many motorhomes.

difference between campervan and motorhome

Wild camping in a Motorhome This quote quote was taken from Wikipedia: "The term motor-home is sometimes used along with camper-van. The former is usually a larger vehicle than a camper-van and intended to be more comfortable and luxurious. But  the latter is more concerned with ease of movement and lower cost to purchase. For example, some camper-vans lack built-in toilets and showers or a divide between the living compartment and the cab. https://blog.scottishtourer.co.uk/2017/12/20/help-when-driving-motorhome-single-track-roads/

difference between campervan and motorhome

Layout of a typical larger motorhome The United States term recreational vehicle (RV) is more likened to a motorhome than campervan. Here is the full Wikipedia Campervan definition Difference between Campervan and Motorhome .

difference between campervan and motorhome

small roads suit a camper-van better https://blog.scottishtourer.co.uk/2018/01/10/packing-tips-motorhome-holiday/ Features of a Camper-van The smaller  camper-van  will normally have  raise up able or pop-up roof that which can be erected when parked up for the night. The  typical camper-van may also be fitted with a static high roof which has been customised on a panel van. This type of camper-van is often referred to as a high top type model.

Difference between Campervan and Motorhome .

Supplied with all hire models Picnic table and chairs, Barbeque, Flat Screen TV/DVD Player with multi slot (digital picture viewing), Sat nav, Full comprehensive set of crockery for your party.Wind out Awning with exterior lighting, Bike Rack, Torch, Binoculars, gas alarm, First Aid Kit, Gas refillable gas bottles. Toilet Fluid, Cleaning materials  , A List of wild camping spots for your area of travel , Maps and books  about Scotland. Rear view camera or Parking sensors. 25 metre Electric hook up cable, 25 metre water filer hose. Optional Extras Bed Linen / Towel pack - £10.00 per person per hire. Super silent petrol generator - £25.00 per week Airport Transfers

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