Route Planners

Route Planners

by Scottish Tourer May 11, 2018

Scotland has been described by many as being of the most scenic and beautiful countries in the world.  

With its rich history, strong culture and wild nature, it is no wonder that people from all around the globe travel to Scotland.  

One of the best ways to see the true beauty of Scotland is to tour the country by campervan or motorhome. A motorhome provides you with an ideal base to explore the stunning landscapes and nature of Scotland.  

Campervans and motorhomes from Scottish Tourer give travelers the freedom and independence they crave, whilst also offering home comforts and maximum convenience on the road.  

With over 30 years of experience in the campervan industry, the Scottish Tourer team has created our own motorhome friendly route planners, giving our customers helpful advice and peace of mind when looking to travel Scotland by motorhome or campervan.  

Wild camp spots in Scotland

Why visit Scotland by campervan? 

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to visit Scotland. It may be to complete a whisky trail, take in the breathtaking scenery of our mountain ranges and mysterious lochs, or walk along the white sandy beaches of the outer Hebrides.  

There truly is something for everyone to enjoy in Scotland, whether you love nature, history or cultural cities. From campervan trips around Edinburgh to wild camping in the Scottish highlands, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience however you choose to spend your campervan holiday.  

However, planning your travel route can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with Scotland or used to driving a larger motorhome-type vehicle. Unfortunately, not all Scottish roads are motorhome friendly and without proper planning you may find yourself down a wrong turn and in a stick situation.  

For this very reason, Scottish Tourer has developed a range of bespoke motorhome driving routes that allow our customers to discover the very best of what Scotland has to offer.

plan your motorhome driving route in Scotland

Helpful Route Planner for Scotland

With 30 + years of experience driving around Scotland and holidaying in our own motorhomes, the Scottish Tourer team has picked up some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to motorhome holidays in Scotland. 

We have devised a range of route planners in Scotland to suit all lengths of stay from 7 nights upwards. They can of course be tailored and adjusted by the customer to cater for specific requests and interests, but we believe these routes provide an excellent framework.  

Some of our favourite and most popular driving routes are: 

We believe that a motorhome holiday is about having the freedom to go where you want when you want. Not being tied down by any particular place on a certain day, but instead, having the flexibility to find a remote and tranquil spot from which you can sit back, relax and enjoy the peace a motorhome holiday provides. 

Planning your road trip in Scotland


Campervan hire from Scottish Tourer 

The Scottish Tourer team specialises in offering a range of motorhomes that are convenient, self-sufficient and comfortable.  

The self-sufficiency our motorhomes give means that customers do not need to be reliant on campsites, restaurants or cafes. They allow our customers to find a remote spot away from the crowds, in perfect peace and quiet.  

To assist our clients, Scottish Tourer motorhomes come equipped with a tom-tom programmed with over 1500 wild camp spots. The sat-nav also has places to empty the chemical toilet and spots to fill up with fresh water. These are just small examples of how we make life as simple and effortless as possible for all our clients renting a motorhome in Scotland.  

Contact the Scottish Tourer team to rent your own motorhome or campervan this summer.  

motorhome route planner

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