Route Planners

Route Planners

by Scottish Tourer May 11, 2018

Need help planning a route

Scotland has been described as being of the most scenic and beautiful countries in the world. With a rich history and breathtaking scenery its no wonder that people travel to Scotland. We believe a motorhome provides you with an ideal base to tour and explore. With over 30 years experience we have tailored our own route planners that are motorhome friendly giving you peace of mind and some fantastic scenery.

Wild camp spots in Scotlan

Wild camp spots in Scotland Everyone has there own reason for wanting to visit Scotland. It may be to complete a whisky trail, take in the breathtaking scenery of our mountain ranges and mysterious lochs or walk along the white sandy beaches of the outer Hebrides. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. However planning your route can be a daunting task especially if your not use to driving a larger vehicle. Not all our roads are motorhome friendly that's why we have developed a range of routes that allow you to discover the best of what Scotland has to offer.

Enjoy the motorhome and the freedom

White sandy beaches on the outer hebridies

Why choose Scottish tourers routes

With 30 + years experience of driving around Scotland and holidaying ourselves in our own motorhome. We have devised a range of route planners to suit all lengths of stay from 7 nights upwards. They can be tailored by creating a circular route allowing you to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Planning your road trip

Planning your road trip We believe that a motorhome holiday is about having the freedom to go where you want and when you want. Not being tied down by particular places on certain days. But having the flexibility to find a remote and tranquil spot from which you can sit back relax and enjoy.

Enjoying your surroundings

Enjoying your surroundings We specialise in wild camping and adapt the motorhome's so they are self sufficient. Which means your not reliant on campsites allowing you to find a remote spot away from the crowds and in peace and quiet. We provide you with a tom tom which has over 1500 wild camp spots plotted on it as well as places to empty the chemical toilet and fill up with fresh water making life as simple and effortless as possible. With our route planners not only will you find places to park up overnight. But we have suggested things to see and do along the route, allowing you to have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday. 

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