Travelling with Kids in a motorhome

Travelling with Kids in a motorhome

by Scottish Tourer July 08, 2018

When travelling with kids we recommend having a rough itinerary that is created with children in mind. You need to plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure the experience is as stress-free as possible. Feel free to view our specially designed West Coast route with children to give you a few helpful ideas.  

The most important thing is to be realistic about how much time the kids are able to sit for whilst travelling. Of course, they will be more comfortable and (hopefully) more excited about the journey when sitting in one of our luxury campervans or motorhomes for hire rather than a car. However, we all know how fragile a child’s mood can be...  

Islay Motorhome perfect for travelling with children


Top tips for travelling with kids in a motorhome 

  • Do your homework. Research your route so you know where to find good campsites with the amenities you need. For example, a laundry room, a games room or a play park.
  • Plan a route that involves no more than 2 hours of travelling per day.  Children want to be out exploring the countryside or enjoying the beaches rather than sitting travelling.
  • Think about where you can stop overnight.  We personally like to find a wild camp spot or campsite by the beach where we can enjoy a bbq.
  • Think about places to visit or possible activities you can stop and do along your route. For example, boat tours or wildlife parks will also break up your travelling time.

Travelling kids kids map


Best family motorhome 

As Scottish Tourer has a whole host of differently sized motorhomes for hire. We thought it best to provide our recommendations for the best family motorhomes.  

Our larger motorhomes are best suited for travelling with kids. Some of the most suitable family motorhomes we offer are: 

  • The Barra: A four-berth motorhome with two double beds available  
  • The Lewis: A streamlined design that can sleep up to five. Perfect for a family of four! 
  • The New Harris: Comfortable, large-sized motorhome ideal for families of four-five. 


Things to consider when packing


  • Don't overpack. Remember storage is limited. Campsites have laundry facilities where you can stop every 2nd or 3rd night to wash items through so don't pack a new outfit for every day.
  • Pack a small indoor toy box. Family playing cards like Uno or snap, a couple of DVDs, pencils and a colouring book will work wonders. 
  • When choosing outdoor items be realistic as to where you can store things. Ask if there is a bike rack, think about where to store the large pushchair, would a stroller be more appropriate?
  • Don't pack a full weeks worth of groceries. The fridge is not a domestic fridge its always better to support the local economy and buy from the local shops as you travel.

Islay Motorohome fridge: perfect for travelling with kids

Start your family motorhome adventure  

The biggest tip we can give when travelling with kids in a motorhome is to be flexible, relax and embrace the freedom a motorhome allows you. 

Travelling with children can be stressful sometimes but with careful planning and preparation that stress can be alleviated and replaced with special memories that will last a lifetime for both you and your family.  

Contact Scottish Tourer today to book a family motorhome adventure that you’ll never forget.  

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