Reversing a motorhome Part 1 

Reversing a motorhome Part 1 

by Scottish Tourer July 24, 2019

Some top tips are always helpful whether you are an experienced motorhome driver or not.  If you have never driven a motorhome before there’s a few extra things to consider when reversing a larger vehicle than on a day to day basis.

Damage to motorhomes is one our most time consuming tasks.  Many of this damage can easily be prevented with some extra care, time and patience. You wouldn’t want to spoil your holiday or cut it short due to a simple error or judgement. 

Top Tips for reversing


  • If you are parking anywhere with a motorhome where you can its best to get out and look at the space first. This way you can see if there are any hazards close by. Overhanging trees can cause a lot of damage to paintwork. If you have a bike rack please take this into account as this creates another extra overhang.  These can also be easily caught in branches .
  • Reversing Cameras are fitted in our motorhomes but please do not relay soley on these . If you have someone with you we always recommend that they go out and guide you back. An extra set of eyes can make all the difference.  
  • Be aware of dimensions of the motorhome that you are in. We go through both the insides and outsides of our motorhomes prior to your holiday. However if you are at all unsure please double check to reduce chance of damage.  All dimensions of our motorhomes can be found on our website 
  • Blind spots are very prevalent on a motorhome and if its your first time you may momentarily forget about these. This is where an extra guide always comes in useful. 
  • Hazzard Lights can be utilised if you are in a busy area and want people to take notice and be aware you are moving.  
  • Don’t Hurry for people often people feel they must reverse quickly and not be in the way. Take it slow and steady and this ensures you get parked up correctly and can enjoy your holiday. 

Scottish tourer reversing guide


What to do if you do have an accident

If you damage a motorhome we strongly encourage all customers to contact us immediately so we can ascertain how easily this will be fixed before the next rental.   We have a quick turnaround often so we need to ensure that the motorhome is safe for the next holiday.  We don’t want to spoil your holiday but if damage is excessive or requires major repairs we may ask you to come back to the depot early. 

Remember to take it slowly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are on your own and unsure. Don’t be rushed by other people and be aware of your surroundings as much as possible. 


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