Cooking in a Motorhome 

Cooking in a Motorhome 

by Scottish Tourer July 27, 2019

With limited kitchen space you need to be resourcefull when it come to meal preperation when on a campervan holiday in Scotland.

Cooking on the bbq outdoors provides you with an ideal opportunity to cook with plenty of space and enjoy the fresh air with some local produce you found on your travels. Spend this time reconnecting with your family, loved ones or friends and embrace the tranquillity, removing the stress out of meal times.  All our motorhomes for hire come with picnic table and chairs, along with a bbq and an awning, which is fantastic and easy to pop out when you are sitting out in the evening.

This article has a few top tips we have learnt over the years for cooking in a campervan.

bbq cooking in a motorhome

Top tips for cooking in a campervan

It's important to be prepared for cooking in a campervan so that your motorhome kitchen is set up and prepared for quick, delicious meals on the move. 

Our top tips for cooking in a campervan are:

  • Think about what your cooking, as boring as if often sounds a small meal plan is often a good base so you don’t go shopping and then discover you cant cook what you have bought. 
  • The microwave wont work unless you are hooked up to an electric point. This is worth baring in mind when you are planning your food. Theres nothing worse than having what you really fancy all lined up and then disappointed you cant heat it up. Most of our customers wild camp and therefore will not have access to the microwave. 
  • You have limited space there is small worktop space in all our motorhomes but nothing like at home. So keeping meals simple is ideal for when your away. Food that takes little prepping is best.

fantastic motorhome kitchen Scotland

  • Doing the dishes,  no one wants to spend their holidays doing dishes for half an hour after tea. Thinking of one or two pot meals goes down well when we are away. Minimal cleaning up and more time spent with those your with. 
  • Smells linger in motorhomes we wouldn’t advise cooking very strong smelling foods in the motorhomes. You don’t want to be smelling your fish soup for days after you have cooked it. Smells linger especially in smaller spaces and clings to fabric. 
  • What utensils you require we do provide basic cutlery and equipment in out motorhomes but for example you wont have a garlic crusher. Being mindful of what equipment you have is key.
  • Keeping it simple is ideal for when your away. Less stress for the cook, dishwasher and those who are waiting after a long day exploring. 
  • Where to buy supplies just a short trip from our yard you will find local supermarkets offering the essentials  for your trip away. We do provide airport and train station transfers and can stop at these supermarkets if time permits. 


Motorhome cooking: Be Prepared!

if you are local you may find it easier to bring the basics with you and top up as you go during your motorhome holiday. The fridges in the motorhomes are delicate and are not suitable for lots of heavy items. We do recommend topping up as you go to ensure your food is fresh.This also reduces risk of damage to the fridges provided in our motorhome. 

Wwith a little pre planning your trip can be as smooth as it can be. Taking the stress out of meals can be a huge weight off the chefs shoulders. Scotland provides so many local amenities you will not find yourself short on the basics. Cooking in a motorhome is a rewarding experience that will help bring the whole family or group together and ensure your motorhome holiday is one to remember.

scottish tourer picnic outside the motorhome


Book your motorhome holiday wth Scottish Tourer

Now that you know how and what to cook in your motorhome, the only thing left to do is book your motorhome holiday with Scottish Tourer.

Speak to our team today to get your motorhome holiday in Scoltand off to a flying start. Our team offer excellent advive and will be with you every step of the way throughout your campervan holiday in Scotland.

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