Glens of Scotland

Glens of Scotland

by Scottish Tourer October 20, 2019

Scottish landscapes offer supreme beauty that is hard to find anywhere else on earth, but Scottish slang can often be rather confusing for those unfamiliar with oor wee country. Lochs, glens and midgies; what are they? Let us explain.

What is a Glen?

The word Glen comes from the gaelic language and means “a steep sided valley”. Most of Scotland's Glens were carved by the ancient glaciers years ago which makes each one completely unique. No matter which Glen you choose to visit you are sure to marvel at the views, embrace the tranquillity and maybe catch a glimpse of some local wildlife. 

Beautiful Scottish Glen in the sunlight

How far do I have to travel to see Scottish Glens? 

The simple answer is not very far at all!

Scotland's countryside is covered with Glens. If you choose to spend your motorhome holiday doing some walking you will not be disappointed with what you will find.  There is no shortage of walking trails in Scotland, just be sure to tackle one appropriate for you and your party.

The Visit Scotland website has an array of information to see what Glens may suit you best

Top Scottish Glens to visit 

Wondering what Scottish Glens are best to visit on your campervan or motorhome tour of Scotland? We've listed some of our favourites below:

  • Delve into your motorhome holiday in Angus, Here you will find several beautiful glens, glen esk, glen prosen, glen isla and glen clova.  The latter is perhaps the best known.  Don your walking boots and explore this rugged landscape, spot some local deer and reconnect with your family with a picnic in the hills. 

Scottish Glens with nature all around

  • Slightly further afield in the Cairngorms you will find Glen Derry which hosts some spectacular ancient pinewoods leading to a wild upper glen.  Up at this level you will discover Loch Etchachan which is the highest lake in the UK.  Be sure to pack your camera to capture the memory forever.

Beautiful Scottish glens and countryside

  • Not far from Scottish Tourers base you will find Glen Tilt in the heart of Perthshire. The Glen runs far into the mountains by Blair Atthol. Although there are no public roads up he glen it is easily accessed by fine paths on foot. For avid walkers and nature spotters its certainly a place to pop on your bucket list. As you climb up the paths you will find the falls of Torf, a beautiful spot to stop for a well earned rest. For those looking for a longer challenge you can use Glen Tilt as access to Glen Geldie to reach the Linn of Dee, Glen Feshie or even further to the Laing Ghru. 

Seeing Scottish glens in a motorhome

  • Heading North you will come across Glen Feshie.  One of scotlands hidden gems which is slowly returning to its former glory with the pinewoods regrowing after years of decline.  This glen is very popular with walkers as it leads to the “Geldie”.  Here you will certainly work up an appetite before returning to your motorhome. 

  • If you plan to island hop whilst with Scottish Tourer why not hop over to Harris.  Here you will find Glean Mhiabhaig which is not well known but no less deserving or picturesque. This Glen sits right in the heart of the remote mountains of Harris. Remember and pack your binoculars as theres an eagle observatory and spectacular views of the peaks.

  • Whilst visiting Lochaber you will find three fabulous Glens. Glen Nevis is probably the most visited due to its location near Fort William and sitting on the foot of Ben Nevis. Glen Coe on the other hand is possibly the better known Glen with mountains set on either side and having a close proximity to the road its beauty can be appreciated from motorhome, foot or exploring. Glen Etive is Glen Coes neighbour and was a film set for James Bonds Skyfall.  Its unusual as you enter as a visitor from the top and its well worth a visit before the landscape is changed with hydro developments planned. 

Visiting Glens in a Scottish Tourer campervan

To enable you and your party to explore Scotlands beauty, all our motorhomes for hire provide you with flexibility, mobility and luxury without compromise.

You wont feel like you have compromised on your home comforts spending your holiday in a Scottish Tourer motrohome or campervan. Enjoy a hot shower on return from a long day. Roll out the awning and watch the sunset with a BBQ and a favourite tipple. Or simply enjoy climbing into the luxury mattresses provided as standard in all our motorhomes and sleep away your weary legs. 

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