Wild Camping In Scotland

Wild Camping In Scotland

by Scottish Tourer October 21, 2019

Wild Camping In Scotland

Wild camping is often thought of as less luxurious and more rugged.  However in one of our 5* motorhomes you can not only have all your luxuries inside you are able to engulf yourself in the heart of the Scottish Countryside.  You no longer need to be booked into a campsite for all your amenities.  All of Scottish Tourers motorhomes are fully equipped. 

Don’t Know where to begin? Let us guide you, we have years of personal experience of wild camping which we are happy to share. We have a sat nav in each motorhome loaded with hundreds of wild camping spots within Scotland and its islands. 

Wild cmping with scottish tourer

What else do we need? 

As it can be daunting we have compiled a short list of what to bring/do to make life easier especially if you choose to wild camp over checking into campsites each night. 

  •  Keep it simple when you are looking for things to cook on your trip. One pot meals are ideal or BBQ, no one wants to spend their holiday doing dishes. And the less dishes you have the less you deplete your water supply. 
  • Showering carefully depending on where you can fill with water we do recommend that you shower conservatively. Instead of what you would do at home and stand under the shower for 10minutes in a motorhome you have to think about if you will have enough water to last you until your next top up. So what we have found works is turning the shower off while you shampoo you hair or use soap then turning on again to rinse. 
  • Planning your route so you know where you can fill up with gas/ water and also empty the chemical toilet. You don’t want to be stuck with a full toilet or no gas. We have all this information to hand when you collect your motorhome so any questions please do ask. 
  • Remembering that the microwave wont work unless you are connected to electricity. This is a common phonecall we receive that the microwave wont work. 
  • Take some DVDs if you like watching the TV as depending on where you decide to park up you may not always have TV signal. This way children and yourselves are not stuck without a favourite programme. 
  •  Ask any questions that you have before you leave. As if you have no phone signal and you cannot work something it can be a real dampner on the start to your holiday. We would much rather go over something 2 or 3 times before you leave than you be stuck somewhere and not know how to work something.

wils camping with scottish tourer motorhome

Wild Camping is simple 

Wild camping in a motorhome is fantastic. You get to park up in the heart of Scotland and absorb the beauty often being the only person in sight.  Enjoy a nightcap watching the sunset, go for a stroll and see the wildlife, play a game of cards after a BBQ and enjoy a simple yet enjoyable holiday. Scottish Tourer is a family run business and we do pride ourselves on customer service. So if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  We have years of wild camping experience and do love to share a story! Let us make your next holiday that little bit more special.  We have a variety of motorhomes to suit different customers. To look before you book please visit our website https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/


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