Safety Tips For Motorhoming 

Safety Tips For Motorhoming 

by Scottish Tourer November 15, 2019

Safety Tips For Motorhoming 

No one wants to worry on their holiday. So with a few little extra bits of planning we can help make your holiday as easy and safe as possible. If you have children they can add an extra element of surprise to a holiday and if that happens to be in a motorhome its best to plan ahead so your not stuck. 

Differences to being at home

When you are at home, you automatically add bits and pieces to make your home safe for those who live in it. When you hire a motorhome and go on holiday this organisation is taken away from you in some ways. We can help you to ensure you and your party remain as safe as possible whilst on your holiday. We want you to be able to enjoy the motorhome as much as we do.

Motorohme safety tips

Where can danger be lurking? 

The simple answer is anywhere, however below is a small list we have came across during our time spent living and holidaying in motorhome over the past two decades.

  • You hop into bed at home without a thought other than getting a restful sleep. If you happen to have children with you on your holiday theres a few tips to bedding arrangements we have come across. Using a pool noodle tucked under the fitted sheet can help prevent children rolling out, works aswell if you plan to swim when away. We also have a pop up travel cot that is available to hire should you require. Please be aware to book in advance or enquire about what will fit in the motorhome as this does book up quickly in peak season.
  • The kitchen area is another area we have found to cause some elements of added danger. You are in a confined space with much less available space. Please be aware when using hot pots ect for all your party. Ensuring that the glass cooker lid is only put down when the cooker is cool and off, the glass door of the oven is hot when its in use.
  • Doors and fingers are not a good combination. Ensuring that doors are closed properly or opened and secured with the catch is vital for all your party to reduce the risk of being hit by a swinging door nor getting fingers trapped. The doors on the motorhomes are heavy and could cause injury if not used properly. 
  • Reversing a larger vehicle than most are used to takes some getting used to. We do go through a full handover prior to you leaving for your holiday and all our motorhomes are fitted with a reversing camera. We encourage all customers to use a guide when reversing at all times. Please see our reversing blogs for more information. 


  • Ensuring you are aware of length and height of motorhome  which is all included in handover prior to you leaving for your holiday.  However often on your travels you will encounter signs that have a maximum height. Please double check if you are not sure. 
  • Car seats – be organised if you require these we have a limited amount available but these can be booked in peak season. We do not fit any car seats this is your responsibility to ensure they are fitted correctly and your child is safe, none of our motorhomes have isofix features yet so you need to ensure your comfortable fitting the car seat.


We don’t want to put you off motorhoming but with a few bits of extra planning your holiday can be relaxing and enjoyable. We are happy to try and answer any concerns or queries that you may have before and during your holiday. We provide full information on the workings inside and out of the motorhome and we are available to contact when you are away. Be assured you are booking with a family run business and we pride ourselves in offering a personal service, for more information see our website us at


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