Campervan Rental From Edinburgh Airport

Campervan Rental From Edinburgh Airport

by Scottish Tourer February 26, 2020

Edinburgh is the heart and capital of Scotland and a great place to start your road trip, whether you're heading north into the Scottish highlands or out to some of the country's isles.

When planning your holiday, it can be daunting which campervan or motorhome hire firm to choose; VW campervans, camper vans of various designs and brands and motorhomes all on offer and all providing something different. We at Scottish Tourer can help narrow your search down based on the needs of your family, ensuring everyone can enjoy their Scottish holiday.


Arriving at Edinburgh Airport

When you arrive at Edinburgh Airport, unlike other rental companies, Scottish Tourer can collect you and your party from an arranged pick up point and bring you directly to our depot. No more stress looking for taxis, scrutinising transport timetables or worrying over time; we can be ready and waiting for you in our shuttle bus whenever your flight arrives.

Please note, this service is not only available for those travelling to Edinburgh airport, but we can also pick you up and return you to Glasgow international airport.                                                                                                              

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Why Not Spend The Night In Edinburgh First?

Edinburgh is a fantastic city, so we know many will want to spend the night there before joining us to begin their campervan adventure.

There are many hotels close to the airport, and this will allow you to enjoy some of the famous spots in Edinburgh city centre before you start touring and exploring what Scotland has to offer. 

You can:

  • Take in the history of Edinburgh castle
  • Take a walk down Princess Street and the royal mile
  • Enjoy local activities such as organised ghost tours or the botanic gardens

For more information on what the city has to offer, please take a look at our guide to Edinburgh.

                                                                      Edinburgh Lane


Starting your Campervan rental in Edinburgh

If you wish to start your tour of Scotland in Edinburgh, you can park up at the Tantallon Caravan Park in North Berwick or Thurston Manor at Dunbar. They both have fantastic transport links in and out of the city. These campervan parks ensure you have some relaxing downtime in the evenings where it is peaceful, tranquil and scenic when your days may be busy within the city itself.                                                                                                              

What do Scottish Tourer Provide?

  • We provide pick up in a mutually convenient place and time. We have a fully insured and designated shuttle bus that is easily spotted with big sign writing. We can collect you at Edinburgh airport or tram station or another mutually agreed place.
  • We liaise directly with you to provide clear and concise information so there is no confusion.
  • Our shuttle bus has ample space for luggage and any added extras that you have with you.
  • We can provide child car seats, however, we do ask you fit these yourself.
  • Our shuttle bus is fully insured, and the driver has the knowledge you can utilise on the short drive to the depot.

One-on-one time to pick our brains

While travelling in the comfort of our shuttle bus, you can use this time to relax or ask us to share our knowledge of your planned route during your campervan rental holiday. If you have a route in mind, please ask us for the main points of interest or any way we can help you to have the very best time exploring Scotland. 

                                         View of castle on lake


Centrally located depot

Our depot is located as a gateway to Scotland, as you travel from Edinburgh to Perth you can see that all main roads lead from our depot. When you book your rental campervan from Scottish Tourer, you are ensured to have that five-star treatment throughout your time with us. All our motorhomes and campervans come with fully comprehensive insurance, and we have a range to suit all budgets and parties. We have extensive experience of touring holidays and are always happy to assist with any route planning or recommended trips.

We provide a fully comprehensive handover of both inside and out of the campervan or motorhome you have chosen to rent and allow time for any questions. Adding to our personalised service we are also available for the duration of your holiday should you occur any issues or problems.

Everything you need for a fantastic holiday in Scotland

Our website has lots of routes for rental customers to browse before booking. Scotland has something to offer for everyone, whether it is a romantic getaway, or looking to get off the beaten track and enjoy a BBQ and the sunset.

                                                        Campervan under stars

Going back to Edinburgh

At the end of your campervan rental, we can offer our shuttle service back to Edinburgh airport; again we can try and work with your flight times where possible.

This ensures you continue to receive personalised service from us, and you can ask any outstanding questions, give feedback or share some of the memories of your wonderful holiday.

Our shuttle service is charged at £95 return for all in the party or £50 one way. When booking your campervan rental, please ensure to state that you wish would like a pickup from Edinburgh Airport so we can include this with your initial booking price.

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