Touring Scotland for Photography Opportunities

Touring Scotland for Photography Opportunities

by Scottish Tourer June 02, 2020

With Scotlands beautiful scenery, and ever-changing weather conditions it’s the perfect place to have a break and take some beautiful photos and what better way to do it than travelling around the country in a motorhome.  The motorohme offers you the freedom to travel to hidden locations and wait in the comfort of the motorhome for the perfect light conditions to get the best possible picture.

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Why Scotland?

Scotland gives a photographer so much choice when it comes to capturing that perfect snap. Whatever photography you’re into, there is sure to be something in Scotland that will suit your needs. Whether its landmarks, nature or just our stunning scenery there are lots of places to visit. Regardless what season you decide to travel there will be many opportunities to find what you’re looking for.

Why hire a motorhome / campervan?

Hiring a motorhome to enjoy photography has to many advantages, to focus on a few: 

  • Wildcamping - This gives you the freedom of parking somewhere safe to do so and have no time restrictions for example night photography (Northern Lights may mean staying up till the early hours to catch the perfect snap) 
  • Cost – The biggest amount of your budget is your hire price, however keep in mind that is  where you will eat, relax and sleep. This means you don’t have the disadvantage of spending extra on hotels or B&B’s yet still have the luxury.
  • Storage – All our motorhomes come with storage suitable for taking along all your equipment with you, whether its your tripod or extra lenses there is plenty space to store them. There is also the toilet area to store clothing if it gets wetFlexibility/Travelling Being in the motorhome gives you the option to travel around and not be stuck in the one place, you can explore the cities or islands at your own pace ensuring that your in control.


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Where to go?

This comes down entirely to personal preference, we have many routes and recommendations in our blog and route planners that we can help you adapt and suit it entirely to you. Whether its Scottish history and our heritages or our beautiful lochs and glens that interest you, or its just the opportunity to visit and explore nature there is definitely many places to visit. Some of the most popular places our previous customers have visited are,

  • Loch Ness, why not combine photography and history together by going on the hunt for Nessie? You travel the banks of the Ness in the motorhome with lots of areas to safely stop for photographs.
  • Fairy Pools - Isle of Skye, regardless if your interested in photography this is a part of Scotland that offer you the chance to visit for free beautiful rock pools with several clear running waterfalls.
  • Edinburgh Castle –  A hugely popular attraction in our Scottish capital is Edinburgh Castle, there is lots to keep you busy and entertained within the castle, with guided tours, a tearoom, café and little gift shop this gives you the option of learning about the history of the castle aswell as being able to get some photographs. Tickets can be purchased online for castle tours.
  • The Callanish Stones – The famous stones are over 5,000 years old and are a common place for tourists to visit in the Isle Of Lewis. 
  • Loch Morlich – A short drive from Perth is Loch Morlich near Aviemore gives the fantastic opportunity to take photographs, in any season and in any weather condition. In Spring and Summer you can catch the reflection of the sun shining on the water, where as Autumn and Winter gives you the chance of the clear skies with white peaks of snow on the mountains behind. Why not take advantage of our bicycle hire and spend some time cycling around the Loch.
  • Glenfinnan – attracting thousands of visitors a year, Glenfinnan viaduct has become increasingly more popular due to featuring on the Harry Potter films, It’s the perfect place to take photographs, with Jacobite Steam trains running throughout the summer months this gives you the chance to take photographs from different angles that you couldn’t if on foot. 

There are many other places to visit in the camper van to combine a holiday with photography, for any queries or questions please contact us.


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