A Family Holiday in Scotland - The Lewis Motorhome 

A Family Holiday in Scotland - The Lewis Motorhome 

by Scottish Tourer June 04, 2020

Staying in Scotland has never been more exciting and why travel when there is so much to explore on your doorstep, no queuing in the airport or hanging about. Children will not be bored holidaying in Scotland when there is so much to see and do, if your looking for outdoor adventures or teaching your children about scotlands heritage. We have a variety of motorhomes to suit all parties but our Lewis motorhome is an ideal for a family. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/motorhome/the-lewis.  The Lewis is a light bright motorhome well suited for a family, with its versitile layout.  

 The Lewis by Scottish Tourer

Why the Lewis Motorhome? 

Children and families do not travel lightly. This is something that we thought about when choosing motorhomes for our fleet. The Lewis was attractive as it has a larger garage than our other motorhomes. This provides ample space for children’s accessories especially buggys and bikes. Also within the garage you will find your own BBQ, table and chairs along with everything you will need to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday. 

Inside the Lewis has a unique layout providing a separate sleeping area at the front and the rear of the motorhome. This can be ideal when you have younger or older children who wish to go to bed at different times or simply watch something different than their parents.  The front of the motorhome provides a large seating area which is ample for a family to have dinner around, play games or simply socialise. The Lewis comes with an awning that you can sit and enjoy the outdoors with some shelter from the elements. All of the features are explored in great detail prior to your departure from the depot. 
   The Lewis The Lewis Interior       Lewis Double Bed    


Scottish Tourer map

Where Would we go?

A motorhome offers you the freedom to go where ever you choose but we have put together a west coast route which takes you from Perth to Inverness to Ullapool them wotking your way down the west coast back before coming back to Perth. 

There is a coulpe of fantastic stops round this route if your travelling with family, my first would be Aviemore there is a multitude of activites on offer here from tree top trails to adventure park's and steam train journeys there is something for everyone.  At ullapool the Broomfeild campsite offers you a quite site within walking distance of the campsite where you can watch the ferries come back and forth from into the port.  At Arisaig around 10 miles from Mallaig there is a fantastic family friendly campsite called Sunny Side Croft the facilities here are really first class with laundry room and a family bathroom plus its only a short walk to the beach.  Another great stop on this route for families is Blairdrummond safari park a great day out and a nice way to spend your last day. 

We have designed this route so there is only on average 2 hours of driving per day max so the children can be out enjoying the countryside rather than being inside the motorhome driving.   

Things to do 

Scotland has a fantastic array of days out, from adrenaline activities, history, watersports, cycling, walking and parks. We have compiled a small list of places that we have found to be of interest for the whole family.

  • Landmark visitor centre has something for everyone. Located in Carrbridge not far from the A9 is easy to get to with great parking facilities even for motorhomes. They have a bamboozelum, tree top trails, butterfly house, water slides and parks. The adults and children will have a wonderful day exploring the history of the trees, animals and landscape of Scotland, then be fascinated by the physics of light and sound, and finally burn of some energy in the parks and activities which are all included in your entry price. Landmark really does provide for everyone to ensure a full day out is enjoyed. 
  • Cycling is a must on a Scottish Holiday, delve into the woodland trails and spend some quality family time picking a picnic spot, gather some leaves and do some artwork back under the awning, take some pens and paper in a rucksack and draw what you find. Or even plan a treasure hunt and see how many things you can find on your travels. We can learn so much about each other as a family by doing simple fun activities that get everyone thinking.  If your party are older why not have a go at some of the down hill trails you can find at the Laggan Bike trails situated just off the A9. We have more information regarding cycling on our website. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/cycling-in-scotland
  • If its adrenaline your after, try exploring go ape and hang from the trees and slide on the largest zipline in Scotland, blown away provide lots of activities both in the water and on dry land or try Nae Limits and give yourself a go at bungee jumping. 

white water rafting

  • Just up the A9 from our depot you will find Blair Atholl castle which is one of the most famous and historic castles you will find. Dip into the history as you walk around the castle itself learning about how it began and where it changed over the years. Then spend some time out In the grounds admiring the gardens and grounds. There are childrens activities dotted around the castle tour itself and the grounds and parks provide lots of safe space for the children to run off some boundless energy.  For more castles to visit please follow this link to our website. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/scotlands-castles


Family Actvities

Quality time doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. The expense of a holiday itself can often leave family wondering what they can do that wont break the bank. We have spent years holidaying with children as a family so are always happy to share our knowledge. 

  • The beaches dotted all the way up Scotlands shores are a wonderful place to play, picnic , walk, paddle and fly kites. 
  • Local parks that you will come across in most villages and towns are free to use and often provide a great variety. 
  • Using one of our many wildcamping spots provides a great setting for a game of football, cards or take a board game to pass the evenings. 
  • Back in the motorhome use those leaves you found on your walk to make some rub drawings to take home as a memory. 
  • Collect some sticks and stones on your walk and the arty member of the family could create a keepsake for the family to cherish forever. 
  • Making drawings in the sand, hopscotch with some chalk or see who can skim a stone the furthest. 

By the Beach in a scottish tourer Motorhome

Family time is precious to everyone if it is something we have learned its not to take what you have for granted. Make the most of being able to holiday in Scotland and plan your trip, we are more than happy to help guide you on the best routes and of course which motorhome may suit you best. Some of the best memories can be made from the most simple things in life, time, spending that time truly together, forgetting that outside world for a moment and focussing on what you have in front of you.  Please see our website for more information and how to book. www.scottishtourer.com 

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