Experiance traditonal food and drink whilst touring Scotland with your motorhome

Experiance traditonal food and drink whilst touring Scotland with your motorhome

by Scottish Tourer August 20, 2020

Whilst travelling around Scotland you will come across many traditional dishes and drinks, some you have probably never tasted. These dishes are famous for all sorts of reasons and can make your holiday extra special as you sample and delve into the cuisine of Scotland. As you travel on your route you will be able to either dine out or choose to shop local, stay local and cook in your motorhome. The BBQ is wonderful for this as you can enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air whilst your meal is cooking.  Scotland has so much local fresh produce you wont have to search to far to find quality food to cook whilst your on holiday. 

  • Best start with Haggis this Scottish cuisine is certainly not for everyone but trust us when we say it has to be tasted before you judge it. It traditionally consists of liver heart and lung with fat onion oats and spices in the mix. Doesn’t sound the most appetising does it? It really is delicious though and needs to be sampled , it is available at most pubs and supermarkets and usually gets accompanied with mashed tatties (potatoes) and neeps (turnip). This is a good honest dish that is sure to fill you up.

Scottish Haggis neeps and tatties

  • Stovies are common at Scottish Weddings as they are at bakerys and also pubs. Simple honest food yet again in the form of potatoes, beef, onions, butter and stock all in one pan. They are traditionally eaten with oatcakes and beetroot. A special winter food that’s sure to warm your heart. 

Cullen Skink soup

  • Perhaps a more refined dish than the first two, Cullen skink soup made of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions is a local speciality of the town Cullen. However it can be found on many different menus up and down the country, its full of flavour and very filling especially teamed with some toasted fresh bread. 
  •  Rowies or butteries are very common in Scotland. It is said they were created for sailors going away on long journeys. The high fat content was resigned to keep the rowie from going stale. They are often toasted with jam on top, certainly not one to eat if your are watching the calories. 

Scottish Whisky

  • Whiskey cannot be missed on your trip to Scotland. With a huge selection to choose from and a whiskey trail to follow you wont be short of samples to tickle your taste buds. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/whisky-trail . For whiskey to be a true scotch t must be distilled for a minimum of 3 years in an oak cask. Visit the distilleries and learn the history, brewing process and the storage of one of the most iconic drinks in the world. With over 40 bottles of Scottish whiskey being shipped overseas every second it’s a trade that really boosts Scotlands revenue. 
  • If spirits are to strong for your taste why not have a look and sample of the many craft beers on offer throughout Scotland. https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/food-drink/breweries-craft-beer/map/ will give you an overview of many of the top places to visit to sample direct from the producer. There are many beer festivals held all over Scotland throughout the summer and Autumn mont 
  • Gin has become so popular over the past few years and Scotland has not missed this. Scotland is responsible for more than half the gin production within the UK. With around 100 different gin being native to Scotland itself why not tick a few off your bucket list and add some to your drinks cabinet. 

The seafood Shack at Ullapool fantastic stop on Scottish Tourers west coast seafood shack tourtour

  • Seafood is a huge source of enjoyment within Scotland. Nothing quite beats seeing the fishermen out on their boats catching the fresh produce. Then joining them to enjoy their hard work sat in a local pub. What could be better than fresh food, locally sourced , cooked and then enjoyed all within a few miles radius. Due to this often the menus vary especially at the Applecross in dependant on what produce can be caught that day. Show our appreciation for  the hard and dangerous work involved in catching, cooking and serving this delicious delicacy, see our seafood tour for more ideas https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/west-coast-tour-of-scotlands-seafood-shacks
  • A soft option for those who do not enjoy an alcoholic beverage irn bru continues to be made in Scotland to a secret recipe. This orange coloured juice drink is well known as Scotland’s native drink not only for its unique taste but also colour.
  • Did you know that a few of Scotland’s products have PGI which stands for Protected Geographical Indication. These products include Scotch beef and lamb which have some of the purest flavours you will source anywhere.

Scotch whiskey and Orkney cheddar are also included on this list of foods. Why not sample some of the finest oatcakes or bannocks as they are known in Scotland with your fresh Orkney cheddar and local chutneys.  Your meals and evening snacks do not have to be boring whilst you are in your motorhome. 


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