Couples Retreat touring Scotland in a motorhome

Couples Retreat touring Scotland in a motorhome

by Scottish Tourer August 19, 2020


Needing some time away from the world?

Look no further than a motorhome, with a Scottish tourer motorhome you are guaranteed to get that time together that is often hard in our busy day to day lives. Slow down for the duration of your holiday, embrace the natural beauty of Scotland and treat yourselves. We can provide you with the 5* motorhome and the ideal route you require to make the most of your time touring scotland with your motorhome, we use the motorohmes ourselevs and we know what you need for the perfect retreat touring Scotland in a motorhome.   

Touring Scotland in a Motorhome by scottish tourer

What should i expect from the motorhome?

We have a range of motorohmes for you to choose from, so im sure we will have one that will be ideal for your needs be it slightly smaller for driving, large double bed, single beds or large garage space, we will have something for you - all our motorohmes come with everything you need for an enjoyable holiday and we have no hiddden extras for example the sat nav (pre-programmned with lots of useful information), picnic table and chairs are all included in the price amongst extra luxaries such as the wind out awning, rear view camera, wifi and tv/dvd are all supplied with the motorohme. 

Motorhome living area
Where would we go? 

We have route planners to help you navigate your way around Scotland these have been specially developed by us so we know they are motorohme friendly and ,muchloved by our customers, our west coast is possibly our most popular this is a cicular route taking in the best of the stunning and dramitic scenery of the west coast.  Our outer hebridies route covers the small group of islands just 30 miles of the coast of scotland and here you can discover the unspoilt beaches and vibrant wildlife of the outer hebridies.


What do I need to bring? 

That is really up to you, it all depends what you plan to do when your away however we do recommend packing lightly if possible. It’s a simpler way of life and to appreciate those around you often less is more. Please read what is included in you Motorhome package and should you require any extras please ensure you book ahead to avoid disappointment. We can provide bedding, bikes, golf clubs, hairdryers amongst other items as an extra whuch saves you time packing.

Bike hire at Scottish tourer motorhome hire

What could we do?

Is it adventure your after, tranquillity, walking, cycling or history? Scotland has something for every couple regardless of your interests. Island hop, explore remote wild camp spots,  embrace local culture, search for wildlife or simply sit back with your feet up reading a good book, play a game of cards or simply talk to each other. We have complied a small list of places to visit that we feel might suit couples that book with us. 

  • We have cycling routes and walking tours avalible on our website which you can incorprate into your route, this allows you to get off the main routes and really explore.
  • Castel tours, Eiliean donan is one of the most romatic and photographed scottish castles in scotland for more ideas visit

Eilean donan castle

  • Orkney has some outstanding history that is well worth a visit if you are after a historic fix with your partner. Visit the Neolithic village of Skara Brae and discover how past ancestors 
  • Arasaig provides a beautiful spot for wild camping. Situated on the west coast of Scotland you will not be disappointed with the views and landscapes. The white sandy beaches are just like being abroad. Sit out on the chairs provided and watch the sunset and star gaze with your loved one. The atmosphere here is so tranquil its almost like time stops for you to reconnect with each other. 
  • Cruise through Loch Ness the water itself is tranquil and the breath taking scenery the landscape provides will give you memories to last a lifetime. Some cruises will take you past the 13th century ruins.  
  • Take a trip to the fairy pool on the Isle of Syke. This is one of the most magical places to visit. The stream of waterfalls has earned its name with the sparkling colours and you can easily loose yourself for a spell just watching the water. If your brave enough why not go for a dip and refresh yourself in the ice cool water. Once you’ve dried off why not pop the BBQ on for a romantic dinner watching the water fall. 

Customer enjoying a dip at the fairy pools

  • Closer to Scottish Tourer you will find some fantastic wine and cider tasting at Cairn O’ Mhor a unique winery that offers fruity wines and ciders. You can take a guided tour through the Orchards and if your lucky the sun may even shine. There a spot in Errol you can park up the motorhome and walk to the winery. 
  • For the more adventurous, isit Go Ape at Aberfoyle and swing through the trees like monkeys. You are sure to work up an appetite here for those of you who are after some adrenaline whilst away. The motorhomes are all equipped with memory foam mattresses to soothe any aches and pains, see our website for more ideas.


How to Book?

Be assured of getting first class service with ourselves. We aim to make the process of hiring as easy as possible, phone or email us and we can give you all the information you need, we give a full handover prior to you leaving for your holiday so dont worry if you have never stepped foot in a motorhome. We are then on hand should you require anything whilst you are away. We have a selection of motorhomes available for hire to suit any couple so please pop onto our website for more information. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch. or follow us on facebook

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