7 Reason to go on holiday in a campervan

7 Reason to go on holiday in a campervan

by Scottish Tourer March 04, 2021

In a world where we are all so hectic and life never seems to stop even for a minute, wouldn’t it be idyllic to settle yourself in your own space away from the hustle and bustle of general life? What better way to do that than book or even buy your very own campervan and let it take you to places you never knew existed or you thought you would never get to see. Have you ever read about others doing this and wanted it for yourself? There has never been a better time to book a holiday in Scotland with Scottish Tourer. We have a variety of campervans available for hire for anyone who is looking, whether its your first time or you’re a frequent campervan enthusiast there’s one to suit you at our depot. 

Why a Campervan? 

1.    The unbounded freedom

A campervan can give you is liberating at the best of times. In a world where we can feel so hemmed in and everyday life is dictated, hop onto your own adventure and ensure you have the freedom and choice of where to go and stop. Often people who book a holiday feel limited as to where they can go due to availability and where that availability lies. With a campervan you don’t need to rely on this you are literally free to park at one of the many wild camp spots whether that be overlooking the beach, mountains, rugged landscapes or the forests. Open your door in the morning and not be confined to a campsite and all the timings involved. You are your own watch and your own boss. 

2.    Ability to work and travel

If you plan to be away for a longer period of time if you work from home normally, why not work from your campervan. Is this whats stopping you booking a family holiday as you need to work in the evenings? With  a campervan that’s fully equipped your laptop can safely go with you for you to enjoy your day with loved ones and sit in the comfort at the table at night and do some essential work. Don’t let a few hours work that you can do on the go stop your much needed family time. With built in wifi you should be able to work away from home and on the go.  Just be aware that you may not get internet everywhere you go. 

3.    Appreciating the value of space

Most of us are guilty of taking unnecessary belongings with us on holiday. With a campervan this just isn’t possible as you are restricted with your space so we always suggest that you make a list of essentials and stick with them. Its really amazing what you can live without. We often find the more we declutter what we take with us the more relzing the holiday is as we are not constantly finiding a home for things or tidying up everything to make space as we simply didn’t bring it with us. The kids (if you have them in your party) are happy with a few select toys and don’t need an entire toybox for a short period of time. Family games are always a winner in our campervan. Declutter your life on your holiday and restore some calmness which is good for everyone mental health. 

4.    Reconnecting

With those close to us is always top of our list when we choose to go away in a campervan. We can so easily be around people but not actually see the importance of it or really interact with each other due to hectic schedules, work, tiredness and stress. Put down those phones for the day and spend a whole day with just people enjoying their company and appreciating what you have in your life. 

5.    Getting closer to nature

Theres not an easier way to do this than a campervan. You can get right up close and stay overnight. Open your door to a whole world of nature In the morning, be awoken by the deer, birds and creatures around you.  Take in a deep breath in the fresh crisp air and I can almost guarantee you will sleep better in this environment. 
6.    A campervan holiday can be inexpensive

You don’t need to go on expensive days out everyday you simply need to look around you. Walks in the forest, beaches and even the hills cost not a penny. Pack a picnic, do a treasure hunt, make a list of animals to see and tick them off. Try and capture photographs. Planning your meals ahead can be really handy and although you may need to shop frequently if you buy only what you need there isn’t any waste and you don’t waste your precious money you work so hard for. 

7.    Rest, relax, recover,

Theres no strict time limit on how you spend your days. This is perfect if you already enjoy a slower pace of life or if you want to test this way of life out. You don’t need to be up at a certain time to check out of hotels in then mornings or get down to breakfast ect, you make your schedule. 

Incase you didn’t guess , we love a campervan holiday. The freedom, the experiences, the memories and the Quality time spent with each other is something you really cannot put a price upon. Make memories, laugh often and remember leave only your footprints wherever you go. Maintain the country code and take everything away with you. 

To book or for more information please visit our website www.scottishtourer.co.uk 

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