Top Points of Interest On Shetland 

Top Points of Interest On Shetland 

by Scottish Tourer March 08, 2021

Many of Scottish Tourers customers head over to the islands from the Mainland. Often these islands are less well known and many people don’t realise the hidden gems that can be found here. Shetland is in the Northern Isle of Scotland, located in the Northern Atlantic , between Great Britain and the Faroe Islands. It is known as the most Northerly point of Scotland.  The capital of Shetland is Lerwick and has been since 1708. Within the Shetland isles there is the mainland and then 15 inhabited islands. Up on Shetland they have never forgotten their roots and they are very heavily influenced by the Scandinavian way of life, which is then mixed with the Scottish lifestyle. Festivals and music are an enormous part of the culture here and you wont have to travel far to find some excellent fiddle music in a local Inn.  

Shetland: Shetland Map
Where to Visit Once On Shetland?

Like the rest of the Scottish Isles, you really need to venture into the wild to appreciate what they have to offer. Don those walking boots and head out onto the 1697 miles of outstanding coastlines. Walking here will be like no other with the spectacular scenery, cliffs, lochs and of course the hills surrounding you. Any age of party will thoroughly enjoy a walk or cycle on Shetland, there are many animals, flowers and of course waters to explore.  The Island now has UNESCO Global Geopark status and of course walking really lets you absorb the beauty that lies here. If it’s a shorter day walking your after pick a route such as Belmont to Lund which will take approximately 3 hours or if your after a real challenge try Deepdale and Sandness Hill which takes around 6 hours to complete. Ensure you are well equipped prior to setting off and of course pack plenty drinks, snacks and your camera.  For a detailed guide on this walk pop please follow this link Sandness Hill and Deepdale cliffs, Netherdale (Walkhighlands) .

  • If Golfing is on the agenda you will not be disappointed. If you travel to Shetland in the summer you literally can play golf right around the clock. Shetland Golf Club is based at Dale which an 18hole course. It is a challenging course and was built in the 1970s. Unlike the mainland the fees here are much more affordable and a round of golf will cost just £30 for the day, Please book online prior to visiting. There are several other recommended course such as Asta, Whalsay and The Knab. The Knab will you believe is free, it’s a simple 9 hole course but it’s a rare free days activity for any visitor. 

Golfing on the coast

  • Shetland may be modest in size however it is not short of play parks for the younger ones , or the young at heart. With no less than 70 play parks located all over the island you wont have to venture far to find somewhere to burn off some excess energy. 
  • Sealife is a huge feature of this wonderful Island. You can take a gentle stroll down the beach and your almost guaranteed to spot some form of wildlife in the waters. Whether that be seals, otters, porpoises and possibly an Orca if you are really lucky. The grey and common seals are the most common animals to spot here. The Grey tend to be found on the outer coast of the island and the common seal in sheltered waters. 

Grey seal lying on the beach

  • UNESCO Global Park Status is something Shetland are very proud of. If Geology is your interest you will truly be captivated by this Island and its stories throughout the years. The Museum and Archives in Lerwick are a great starting point on your Geological journey here where you will walk through the history up to present day.  Back to walking route the 4 hour walk up Ronas Hill really is worth the Hike. You will reach up to 450m and at the top you will find an almost Artic like home. The granite has been shattered by the constant freezing followed by the thawing of the water. It’s a very rough walk ensure you have good footwear and know what your taking on. 
  • Shetland Ponies appear to roam everywhere here, however they are in fact looked after by the local farmers. They can be easily spotted by the roads, beaches and on the hills. Shetland ponies are inherently robust and hardy. They were used historically to pull the coal from the mines. 
  • Scalloway Castle was the home of Patrick Stewart. He was both the Earl of Orkney and Shetland, he was oppressed to the Shetland people and met his demise in Edinburgh where he was in fact executed in 1615. The castle itself is a fine example of historical architecture, built in around the 1600s and much of it still standing today just shows the level of work instilled here.

Scalloway castle on Shetland

When you choose to hop over to Shetland you really want to be able to travel around the Island freely. What better way to achieve this than using a Scottish Tourer motorhome.  We can arrange to collect you from train stations, airports and bus stations and bring you to our depot. We then provide you with a detailed handover inside and out of the motorhome prior to your departure. You have the added bonus of dealing with the owners directly as we are a small family run business. You will have phone numbers on hand to use if required during your break and we are happy to help any way that we can. Inside your motorhome you are provided with your 5 star mobile hotel. All your home comforts are on board and you will not be disappointed. We have a number of different models on our fleet to suit any parties that are joining us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for information or advice on which would suit you best for your planned journey. 

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