Cycling Tour in Scotland with your Campervan

Cycling Tour in Scotland with your Campervan

by Scottish Tourer April 13, 2021

A Campervan allows you to tour the beauty of Scotland and enjoy the open road, however, not everywhere is accessible with the Campervan and bike hire makes everywhere accessible. If walking isn’t really your thing, or you prefer to cover more miles a day. Why not consider a cycling holiday with Scottish Tourer in one of our fabulous campervans that have all the comforts of home, at the end of a long cycle enjoy a relaxing hot shower and a cup of tea while you sit comfortably in your campervan and enjoy the scenery . 

We can provide cycle hire at time of booking, please be aware to book early during peak times however so your not disappointed. With your cycles safely attached to the back of the campervan you are free to explore the world being your oyster. Pack your lunch and off you go to wherever your heart may desire.

Scottish Tourer Cycle hire

Where can you visit? 

  • The Outer Hebrides sets a magnificent scene for any cyclist. Find yourself cycling the entire length of this beautiful island chain. This follows part of the National Cycle Network Route 780, it’s a long distance route so be sure to check out how far you are willing to cycle, bearing in mind the whole route is 185miles/297km.  There are plenty of breath taking beaches to admire, go back in time and discover the standing stones and admire the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse.

Butt of Lewis lighthouse

  • The Isle of Bute offers a lovely 23mile tour around the whole island. The bonus to this route being you can take a shorter route if required or you change your mind. You can go by bike to visit some of the islands attractions such as Mount Stuarts House and Ettrick Bay. Mount Stuarts house is a Gothic Revival Country House. It has its own unique history and is the replacement of the earlier house burnt in a fire in 1877. It was also the first home in Scotland to be lit by electricity. This home is also a unique find for any budding artists as its home to the Bute Collection which is a private collection of artwork and artefacts. Here you will also find a rather large book collection of 25000 books.

Mount Stuarts House and Ettrick Bay

  • Aberdeen is often overlooked however for cyclists there is much to offer. They have some beautiful beach areas and once your out of the hustle and bustle you can truly appreciate this cities countryside. Start off at Dyce Train station and finish at Fraserburgh or Peterhead. The route is 40miles one way/64.37km so bear in mind itll be double to get back to your motorhome! 
  • If its island hoping you plan to do, Shetland provides enough vantage points to make some fantastic memories to take home with you. Start off at Lerwick and travel down to the ancient capital of Scalloway. Lerwick is a beautiful town dating back over 3000 years. Its a busy fishing village and ferry port. You will not be disappointed by the glittering sea, rural villages and friendly locals you may meet. This is a short cycle compared to the Herbrides at just 5.9miles/9.5km but is well worth it. Remember to pack your camera as you will catch some beautiful landscapes. 

Shetland Pony

  • The west of Scotland is our most popular route for motorhomers. If it’s a challenge your after then why not try the Assynt Achiltbuie circular. Here you will be able to truly appreciate the idyllic landscapes and magnificent views of the water. This route is approximately 70.06miles/112.55km so is not for a beginner as it does follow the rugged and wild landscapes of the highlands. 

These are well planned routes however if its cycling you are after you don’t need to follow any of these on your campervan holiday. Blair Atholl for example provides a fantastic day of cycling right on Scottish Tourers doorstep. There is also a camping site here and many wild camp spots. In Scotland you will find cycling routes almost anywhere you stop off. Be sure to check where they go and if they are suitable for your level of fitness. All our campervans have bike racks, we have a limited number of bikes to hire out to customers for their holiday so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Please visit our website for more information

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