10 Family Friendly Walks in scotland

10 Family Friendly Walks in scotland

by Scottish Tourer May 07, 2021

What better way to embrace your motorhome holiday with Scottish Tourer than delving into the nature of Scotland itself?

Here you can really begin to truly appreciate the beauty, tranquillity and hopefully the weather as well! There are so many walks to embark upon in Scotland but we have decided to focus on those that families can enjoy. There can be nothing worse than starting on a walk to discover you cannot make it with a pram, it is too steep for little legs or its simply not passable with small children or those less able.

The list below is mainly focused on flatter walks and those that can be done with either a buggy or bikes with children. That is not to say that adult parties cannot enjoy these walks as well, as they are just as beautiful, interesting and scenic as higher climbs. 

Best family walks Scotland

  • Loch Leven Heritage Trail at Kinross is a beautiful scenic route and its fabulous for all parties. The path is suitable for all terrain buggies, bikes and of course walking. Here you can choose to walk part of the route or all of it however bear in mind the whole route it approximately 12 miles.  You can then choose to stop off at the infamous Loch Levens Larder for a fridge of treats. You can pick up fresh local produce just fitting for a fine BBQ after your walk. 

  • Falls of Bruar is a much shorter walk coming in a just 1.5miles climbing up approximately 150metres. Here you will gain some beautiful sights of the gorge and there is also a lovely picnic area. This is more suited to slightly older children or those perhaps on a backpack or sling as it is steep and there are drops at the gorge edge. 

Falls of Bruar: best family walks in Scotland

  • The Hermitage at Dunkeld is a very popular areas for walkers all over. Here you can delve into the magical world the wood brings, take a treasure hunt, a picnic and try spotting some wildlife. Suitable for all the family including buggies. You can choose to walk a short way or the whole way round which will take roughly 2 hours. There are plenty of lovely picnic areas here and stunning waterfalls. There is a seasonal café located at the main carpark however be aware there are no toilet facilities here. 

  • The Birks of Aberfeldy is a lovely way to spend the day. It has a lovely accessible path suitable for buggies and walking. Unlike the steep drops at the Falls of Bruar here there are excellent hand rails at the steeper areas. As you end the walk here you will be able to take in some spectacular views of the glen, here you may manage to spot Ben Vrackie in the distance.

  • Gruffalo Trail - Take the Kids down to the deep dark wood. The Gruffalo trail in Argyll is just fantastic for old and young alike. Step into the world of the gruffalo spotting all the creatures as you go, the children will love this day out as they can guide the adults by the way the mouse points. If you time the trip right in the spring you will catch the bluebells in all their glory spreading like a carpet over the woodland floor. There is also a wonderful fairy trail alongside the Gruffalo which just adds to the magic for a special trip. 

Gruffalo Trail: best family walks in Scotland

  • St Cyrus beach give you that tropical feel that you could actually be on holiday abroad. It has beautiful white sand for miles and clear waters. Here the kids can enjoy a short walk from the car park to the beach, there is a fantastic bridge for “who’s that trip trapping over my bridge” games and then picnics, sand castles and our favourite dam building down by the shore.  You can easily spend an entire day here exploring, flying kites, den building, mark making and shell hunting. The car park is easily accessible and there are also public toilets here to.

  • Ness Islands walk inverness is made up of a group of natural islands that sit in the middle of the river ness. They are easily accessed by the river banks and footbridges dating back to the Victorian age. There are lots of unique wooden carved sculptures to sit on and take a break as you walk and this is extra fun for the children to run and find the next one. The river here can be very fast flowing however especially during the winter. 

  • Muir of Dinnet Aberdeen is a beautiful nature reserve. Here you will take in some of the most spectacular woodland areas and can picnic next to the loch which is rather magical as it has lots of lilies floating on it. There are beautiful rock walls which can almost make you feel cut off form the world around you as you explore. There is a visitor centre located here which will give you lots of information how each areas has been formed and changed over the years. Especially interesting if you have any budding geographers in your party as you can learn how the glaciers cut up the landscape and how the lochs were formed. 

Lady Marys Walk: best family walks Scotland

  • Lady Marys Walk Crieff is mainly aimed at older children as it is relatively long at 5.5miles. However it is a beautiful walk which takes you from the river earn to Laggan hill. For the younger children Mcrosty park is a must visit especially In the summer months as they have a water sprinkler section that the children love.  This walk also takes in the Scottish Drink Whisky with a visit to the Glenturret Distillery. 

  • Loch ard sculpture trail by Aberfoyle is a fantastic family walk where the children and adults alike can embrace the wildlife, beauty and sculptures. Here there is actually 16miles of routes suitable for any mode of transport, walking, cycling, buggies and even horses. The routes are all very well signposted and easy to follow. You will find plenty of areas to stop here for a picnic and the local artist Rob Mulholland has made sculptures for you to spot and enjoy throughout the walks here.  The school really is outside here as children can learn about the nature, landscapes , art and of course exercise.  

Aberfoyle Trail: best family walks in Scotland


Family walks on your motorhome holiday

These walks give you a small sample of what a motorhome hire holiday can offer you as a family.

Often people feel overwhelmed and think children won't manage to walk far, but we have found over the years that simply getting out there and making it fun along the way means that kids not only learn to love the outdoors but they embrace it. Being like sponges, they feed off their adult company and what better way to spend a holiday than together, outdoors, communicating and learning as a family.

Book your next motorhome holiday with Scottish Tourer for a family adventure you will never forget, 

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