Collecting Your motorhome

Collecting Your motorhome

by Scottish Tourer May 13, 2021

To ensure you get away smoothly and to comply with the latest goverments rules we have put together a summary so you know what to expect prior to collecting your motorhome.   

2 Weeks before 

Collection information will be sent to you with all the information we will require to confirm the insurance arrangements for your hire. We will require: - 

  • Driver’s licence, if you have a photo card licence or the older green paper licence please scan or take a photo of both sides.
  • DVLA License check, a copy of the summary or a check code for us to access your licence details, 
  • Proof of identity / address, we require a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, tax notice, Car registration document, or anything official which confirms your name and address.

24 hours before 

Please transfer the refundable Damage Deposit of £700.00 by BACS or ensure you have been to the bank for cash, this is paid back on safe return of the Motorhome.
I would also ask that you watch the 10-minute video again and refresh yourself on the workings of the motorhome this will ensure you get away at your allotted time slot.

On the day

  • Please stick to your allotted time slot if you are early report to reception and let a member of staff know you have arrived.  If you are running late give us a quick call and let us know so we can rearrange your time with another customer.
  • On reporting to reception, we will double check your paperwork is in order and that the damage deposit has been received then a member of staff will show you to your motorhome.
  • You will be asked to put the power on and set up the heating and hot water to ensure your confident in using the system, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about any internal operations you were usure of from watching the video.  
  • We will show you round the exterior of the motorhome, demonstrate the awning, help you locate the grey water emptying point, electric hook up etc.
  • Before you pack your belongings into the motorhome, we will ask you to look round the vehicle and complete the damage sheet before handing you the keys.

We are still working within the strict covid rules implemented by the local council and remind members of the public we don’t have bathroom facilities onsite; we also remind you to maintain a 2 meter distance from staff, use the hand gel when entering the reception and don’t forget to wear your face mask.

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