Searching For Oor Wullie – The Scottish Icon When Out In A Motorhome

Searching For Oor Wullie – The Scottish Icon When Out In A Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer May 25, 2021

Perhaps you will remember reading an Oor Wullie magazine as a child? Although these are no longer in production he has continued to play a huge part of Scotland over the past few years. In 2019 there was a huge drive on the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail. People from all over flocked to tick all of the statues off their lists. At the end of the Trail there was an auction to allow people to take a part of this memorable trail them with them forever. 

Who is he and why should we know him? 

He was a little boy who waged war against boredom. Oor Wullie was famous for waging war against children being bored and was forever up to antics and getting caught up in all sorts of bother. He lived in a placed called Auchenshoogle and was first published in the Sunday post over 80 years ago. He sat most famously on a bucket with a pair of black dungarees. Thus where the bucket trail began. The bucket trail was a fun way for everyone to unite as a country and then raise money for a key area – Children’s charity. Although the Oor Wullies were all auctioned off last year you may just be lucky enough to spot some on your travels in someone’s garden who was lucky enough to win one. 

What was the money raised for? 

After the country had the chance to follow the trail. The statues were auctioned off in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh and all the funds raised from the auction was send to the Scottish Hospital Charities. These charities provide an utterly amazing service throughout the country supporting and helping to care for not only the sick babies, children and young people but also their families who find themselves in incredible difficult circumstances. The Trail united the country in order to raise vital funds to aid these charities in the amazing work that they do and also to raise awareness to something that most people do not come across in their day to day lives. 


What Charities are Involved? 

  • The Edinburgh Childrens Charity have a strong ethos that “nothing should get in the way of being a child” this means even if they are unwell. They not only support and complement the work of the hospital who treat over 111000 babies children and young people every year but they also help to fund vital medical eqipment, staff training, messy play, games and friendship. 


  • Glagow Childrens Hospital Charity. Is the largest childrens hospital in Scotland who treat over 170000 babies , children and young people every year. His goes whithout saying that this requires a lot of funding, support and expertise. The charity helps to support this by helping to provide the most up to date medical equipment, family support services and play services. These children are then in turn provided with not only medical care but they are able to be children within the hospital and this gives them a quality of life which they deserve. 
  • The Archie Foundation. Often people are more aware of this organistaion which helps to support all the childrens hospital throughout Scotland and the Islands. They help provide funds and services to ensure the staff have expertise training, speicalist services for children and families both in and out of hospital , play projects , funding for accomodation and emergency grants that may be available. 


Why as a Motorhome Business are we telling you this? 

Because we believe that we should embrace all areas of our culture and country. After the start to 2020 and the impact it has had on all of our families we believe everyone should be aware of the services that are out there available when required. We as a country are proud to unite in times of need and the Oor Wullie trail promotes our heritage, our culture and our attitudes of the Scottish people. We are a country who comes together in a time of need and if you were one who participated in the trail let us know if you find an Oor Wullie on your travels with us this year! 




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