Scottish Midges

Scottish Midges

by Scottish Tourer November 03, 2021

What is a midge

Is a tiny flying menace that loves the highlands of Scotland, the midge is famous because they are a pest that like to bite.


When to expect them

Depending on the climate, you can begin to see the wee Scottish midges appear towards the end of May beginning of June. These wee Scottish pests hang about until the early September. Its thought July and August is when midges are at their worst.

Midges Love: -

  • Warm, shady damp conditions
  • Early mornings and just before dawn in the evenings
  • Forests the tress provide shelter from the wind and sun

Midges Hate: -

  • Cold, dry days
  • Wind, they can’t fly in the wind
  • Dry hot days 


How to protect yourself

  • Wear long sleeves and trousers to protect your arms and legs and consider a midge net to wear to protect your face and neck thus not giving the midge the opportunity to reach your skin.
  • Buy good quality midge repellent such as Smidge this not only stops you tasting good to the midge but changes your scent making you less appealing or Avon Skin so soft although not sold as an insect repellent is said to work very well in deterring them its thought the citronella in the product is what repels them.
  • Burn Citronella candles or have a responsible campfire ( this can help deter them.
  • On warm humid days try and visit indoor attractions such as a distillery, castle or if you are an adrenaline junkie why not try mountain biking or zip lining this way you create your own wind and keep them at bay.
  • Make sure you avoid early mornings and evenings
  • Avoid forest walks in warm humid conditions
  • Avoid areas of livestock as they feed off the cattle and sheep


What if I get bitten?


  • Wash the area with soap and water
  • Avoid scratching as this could introduce an infection
  • Consider taking an antihistamine such as piriton.
  • Apply bite cream to the affected area they contain lidocaine and can help numb the area.

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