The Forth Road Bridges & Queensferry Crossing Edinburgh

The Forth Road Bridges & Queensferry Crossing Edinburgh

by Scottish Tourer January 24, 2022

Being based in Perth alot of our customers start their journey to collect the motorohme from Edinburgh, and will cross from south queensferry to north queensferry using the queensferry crossing, the 2.7km crossing allows you to take in the view of all 3 bridges that link Edinburgh to Fife.The 3 bridges :- Forth road rail bridge, Forth road bridge and the Queensferry crossing are one of Scotland’s Iconic landmarks, this is also one of the first recognised landmarks a lot of our visitors will see from the air when landing at Edinburgh airport.  

The 2 forth road Bridges and queensferry crossing.


Forth Road Rail Bridge

The Forth Road Rail Bridge is a UNESCO world heritage site built in 1883 and opened in 1890 over 4500 men worked on the impressive cantilever bridge with its 3 towers that reach over 100 meters high into the sky line and is 2.5 km long, unfortunately 57 lives were lost in the construction.

The forth road rail bridge at Edinburgh


Forth Road Bridge

The forth road bridge was opened in 1964 by Queen Victoria, the popularity of private cars led to the need for the crossing.  The forth road bridge was the longest suspension bridge outside of the USA , work began in 1964 to create the 2.5 km bridge linking North and South Queensferry, its towers are over 150 meters high and hold 49,280 km of wire in the two large cables that take the weight of the suspended deck.  The forth road bridge was never designed to carry the load of the traffic it was, so a third crossing was constructed the Queensferry crossing, the forth road bridge is reserved now for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Forth road bridge and Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing

The Queensferry Crossing was opened in 2017 and is the main route for vehicles crossing from Fife to Edinburgh.  It is one of the longest three tower, cable stay bridges in the world, the towers are 210 meters high with over 23,000 miles of cabling.  



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