Glasgow  Top 5 places to Visit 

Glasgow  Top 5 places to Visit 

by Scottish Tourer February 02, 2022

Glasgow is another popular starting point for many of our customers. We can arrange to collect you from Glasgow and bring you to our depot as part of our pre-bookable shuttle service. Please enquire about this if required to avoid disappointment. Being another of Scotlands big cities it is not short of places to visit and fill a day or two with. 


  • The magnificent Riverside Museum was opened in 2011 as is on the banks of the River Clyde. It is home to transport, this museum takes you on a literal journey through Scotland’s changing times and is one of the top places to visit in Glasgow. Here houses many of the collections which were previously at the Glasgow Museum of Transport and more recently the city acquired a steam locomotive built by the North British Locomotive Company at Polmadie in 1945.

Riverside Museum building in Glasgow with boat at the front

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery is somewhere people enjoy visiting each time they visit the city. It is a magnificent building home to some 8000 objects set in no less than 22 galleries. KGTrail_1A.indd ( this link provides some ideas for interactive games you can play with your party whilst you visit. Ensuring adults get to absorb the history and art and the younger generation are entertained to. These do need pre printed unless you can view them on your smart phone but it gives a modern twist to the museum. 

Beautiful arched hallway at  Kelivingrove art gallery in Glasgow

  • Gallery of modern art was opened in 1996. It is a neoclassical building set in the heart of Glasgow city centre. Making it the ideal location for tourists passing through. Here there are many workshops, talks from leading artists, a café, multimedia, art and book lending facilities. There is a magnificent statue located at the front of the gallery of the Duke of Wellington, which often has a cone on top of its head, this appears to be aimed at highlighting the cities light hearted nature and it is often decorated depending on what is happening in the world at that time.

Exterior of the gallery of modern art building in glasgow

  • Glasgow Botanic Gardens is over 200 years old starting in 1817 a Thomas Hopkirk a botanist founded the garden we know and love today. They originally started on an 8 acre plot of land near Sauchiehall Street. A stewart Murray who was the first curator and Hopkirk donated the 3000 plants which started the gardens. By 1825 the collection had grown to over 12000. David Douglas who was born near our depot in Scone took up a post at the gardens in 1820 and the two men built a fantastic relationship and travelled all over Scotland together. In 1823 Douglas went on to become an explorer and in 1826 he sent home the seeds which became known as the Douglas Fir. By 1839 the gardens moved to a new site at the west of the city on the banks of River Kelvin. The gardens today are just spectacular and you can immerse yourself In not only the beauty , smells but also the tranquillity that they possess. Below is a picture of the hot houses which is a magnificent structure in itself. 

Inside the hot house dome at Glasgow's botanical gardens

  • Glasgow Science Centre is for any age, here you can take yourself on a journey through lights, sounds and mind blowing facts. Each exhibition we found has something for all ages, simple or in depth depending on the knowledge you want to gain and the staff here are amazing. There are several exhibitions on at any one time but a few we really enjoyed when visiting were –
  • Polar zero which explores our relationship with the planet in the past, present and what our future may be like. 
  • The planetarium which is a live show explores our planets like we have never seen before. You enjoy fulldome films, explore the milyway and a journey through the solar systems. It’s a must see for anyone with an interest in planets. Kids are mesmerised by the shows. 
  • Body Works is an interactive exhibition where you are the experiment literally. You can compare yourself to others and see what differences there are. You learn about the body and its processes, fighting infections, digestion and there is a fun science passport which gives you a barcode to compare yourself against the other visitors who have done the exhibition to. 

Exterior of Glasgow science centre 

Glasgow really is another heart of Scotland and is really worth a special trip to visit either before or after your trip with Scottish Tourer. If you are in Glasgow and find any other top places to visit please share them with us so we can pass this onto our future customers as we simply cannot do it all ourselves. 


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